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Phillip Jonathan – “Seafront”-The narrative style of this track spoke to me from first listen. I also really appreciate the unhurried composition style. In a world of so many handclaps and “get to the hook as soon as possible” tunes, it’s nice to hear a delightfully expressive tune. The lyrics are more prosaic than a […]

Emma Freeman – “Do you”-This song is a perfect example of why I tell people I’m a fan of indie pop. The piano is just delightful. I could listen to the piano verson of this song as an instrumental and be perfectly content. But Emma Freeman’s vocal is also wonderful. The combination of vocal and […]

How To Avoid Making The Wrong Judgements In a poker game, the senses of good poker players are heightened and their minds start racing to attempt to get any information out of the body language of their opponents. The details that can be obtained out of pure observation can range from their playstyle or even […]

Contrary to what most people may think, making music is more than a hobby or art form. To make music a viable career means running it like any other business. As such, musicians are also entrepreneurs in every sense of the word — from selling a persona and their music to building a network of […]

Lyre – “Season to change”-This is a folk duo that stands out from the crowd. The song has that special something that is more than the balance of its parts. I love the tenderness in the vocal balance here. It feels like the listener is sort of peeking in on a couple having one of […]

Beating The Bingo Odds Those who are not bingo players may feel indifferent towards bingo, thinking that is just an easy game for old people. However, the game contains unique odds to it, like any other game, regardless of difficulty levels. Bingo is a game of luck and probability but even though there are no […]

Music festivals provide a chance for students to socialize and create incredible college memories. Europe has a tradition of creating excellent student-themed music festivals bring together scholars from all corners of the world. Get an academic writing job expert for your custom thesis so that you do not miss the excitement of student festivals.  Pixabay […]

After researching for days on the best Digital Audio Workstation used by musicians we have listed down the Best 9 Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac that are the best in functionality. So do give this post a full read to know more about the Best 9 Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac. […]

Just like any other form of competitive sports out there, breathing is highly fundamental to the competitive realm of e-sports too, along with owning the most powerful gaming laptop. It might sound far-fetched at first, but hear me out. It’s a no-brainer how good breathing techniques are in maintaining consistent oxygen supply throughout the whole […]

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – “Good plates”-The phrasing of this song is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s a song about getting together with friends, something we don’t get to do much with the world the way it is. I love how the energy of the track reminds me of a life outside of a […]