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LA-based psych-pop group SWIMM shares the new song “You Never Fake It” featuring Lauren Ruth Ward, an intimate ballad complete with lush synthesizers and an entrancing drum+bass. Detailing the backstory of the song, SWIMM says: The story of “You Never Fake It” was actually birthed out of one rainy night in Manhattan I had a few years ago but when I hear this song it brings me back to the first couple weeks of quarantine. It was actually very stormy during that time so the air outside was ripe with panic and urban drainage, while inside my warehouse… mostly panic, ganja and sweatpants. Turns out productivity can really blossom when you’re not sneaking into the ballroom bathrooms of East LA snorting Cayenne pepper with strangers for a head rush. This new allotment of focus time let me dive into the production of this one… This is gonna sound a little Indigo-child dream-catcher vibe but I kept hearing “Kim”, the somewhat illusory character of the song, in my head when I was recording and wanted to somehow capture the spirit of her and have it feel analogous to the way you can kind of capture a memory in a song. So I texted my best bud and […] For more, go to: (Source)

TITLE: The Perfect Guest AUTHOR: Emma Rous PUBLISHING: January 12th 2021 by Berkley Books GOODREADS SUMMARY: 1988. Beth Soames is fourteen years old when her aunt takes her to stay at Raven Hall, a rambling manor in the isolated East Anglian fens. The Averells, the family who lives there, are warm and welcoming, and Beth becomes fast friends with their daughter, Nina. At times, Beth even feels like she’s truly part of the family…until they ask her to help them with a harmless game–and nothing is ever the same. 2019. Sadie Langton is an actress struggling to make ends meet when she lands a well-paying gig to pretend to be a guest at a weekend party. She is sent a suitcase of clothing, a dossier outlining the role she is to play, and instructions. It’s strange, but she needs the money, and when she sees the stunning manor she’ll be staying at, she figures she’s got nothing to lose. In person, Raven Hall is even grander than she’d imagined–even with damage from a fire decades before–but the walls seem to have eyes. As day turns to night, Sadie starts to feel that there’s something off about the glamorous guests who […] For more, go to: (Source)

It’s been almost nine years since The Spill Canvas have released a full-length album, but the South Dakota rockers have announced their signing to Pure Noise Records, along with the reveal that they will be releasing a new album, Conduit, on March 5, 2021. To get fans excited, The Spill Canvas have released a new song and video from the album, “Firestorm.” Fans can pre-order the highly anticipated 10-track album now here:  On the band’s signing, lead vocalist, Nick Thomas shares, “We’re so incredibly excited to join the Pure Noise family! It’s a true honor to be a part of such an amazing roster of talent on a label that puts their artists first.” “It’s been 9 years since our last full-length album was released. That said-we’re beyond ready to present our 6th LP, Conduit, to the world. Created in the rural woods of Pennsylvania over the span of a couple years, we feel it’s our most comprehensive work to date,”  he continues to share on the album.“We knew pretty early on in creating the new album that “Firestorm” would be the perfect first single to reintroduce the band and begin our new chapter. Aside from overall vibe, the juxtaposition between the gospel singers and the lyrical context on desire […] For more, go to: (Source)

TESSEL had announced their signing to [PIAS] Recordings and also unveiled their debut release with the label titled ‘ Family Time’ The new single is a quintessential example of the woozy indie-pop they’ve have made their name with, accompanied by a video created with filmmaker Casper Buijtendijk, that breathes visual life into the pastel tones of the song. The airy sound though belies a more morose message, as the band elaborate:“Even though the sound is light and cheerful, the themes of the lyrics carry the opposite message. The song tells a story of a person who has become entangled in the image of ‘the perfect life’. Just when everything seems to be right: a family, a beautiful car in the driveway, a dinner with the family, the person decides to flee, because “All I ever know, great moments will pass”. .TESSEL are:  Levi Oostermeijer (lead vocals and guitar),  Joshua Bredow (Guitar),  Jens Wierckx (Drums and backing vocals)  Thijs van Zutphen (Bass and backing vocals) For more, go to: (Source)

Blackpool UK pop-punk/metalcore band Octopus Montage are taking the new year by storm with the release of their new single and music video “Dopamine.” Taken from their forthcoming album How To Live and How To Lose (release TBD) “‘Dopamine’ is a self-deprecating, angst-fuelled explosion disguised as a catchy pop-punk tune. The song focuses on the mindset many people find themselves in when they’re in their late teens and early 20’s and have to start acting like a ‘proper adult’ but have no idea how to do so,” the band shares. “’ It looks at issues like lifelong friends entering long-term relationships, moving up in their life while you’re still single, working a dead-end job, and living at home. Hence the need for a release of Dopamine in the brain – a naturally created chemical in the brain known as a ‘feel-good transmitter.’”  They continue: “The sarcastic twist, ’here goes another blow, another worthless anecdote,’ is inspired by bands like blink-182, who exposed the difficulty of growing up while showing that a bad situation can be looked back on and laughed at later down the line. It proves that everything may not be as bad as it may seem. We also wanted to continue […] For more, go to: (Source)

Electric Sol, a five-piece synthpop/retrowave band based in Phoenix, has released their newest single, Life Out Loud. The single begins with icy synths that lead you into calming vocals and has a dreamy background that will allow you to calm down and escape all your troubles for at least close to three minutes. Here is what lead man Ed Sweet told us about the Life Out Loud: “I’ve always been kind of a melancholy optimist and I tried to capture that quality with this song. While Life Out Loud is definitely meant to be positive, uplifting, and ultimately happy—it is a love song, after all—there’s an element of irony in that the “loudness” is muted by the relaxed vocals. I think the tentative quality of the song makes it more realistic because even the best things in life are never perfect.” Electric Sol consists of : Edward (Ed) Sweet—Lead Vocals and Keyboards Lindsey Bair—Background Vocals and Keyboards Cody Hazelle—Bass Robert Bates—Drums Eddie Rossi—Guitar Keep Up with the band: Instagram YouTube Facebook Website  For more, go to: (Source)

It is no secret we have a music crush on Dylan Emmet, his smooth voice and addictive beats have us hooked. He released another new song this past week titled Don’t Wanna Think About It, and we think it is one of his best, but…we might have also said that about his last one!! “Don’t Wanna Think About It” is a meditative look inside yourself. Melting airy keys and cloudy synths set up the perfect backdrop to Dylan’s smooth and heartfelt vocals. Ethereal Hiphop drums and chopped up gospel choirs drip around Dylan, accentuating the vocal chops that make you really feel the pain and hope in Dylan’s mind simultaneously. Dylan explains the inspiration behind the track:  “This was one of those songs that I had to write to get my feelings out. I’ve struggled a lot over the years with self-judgment and self-doubt. Being someone with pretty intense anxiety at times, I go through these periods where I’m really hard on myself and I lose all faith in what I’m doing. When I left Los Angeles after finding out I had a daughter out of nowhere, I had to throw my entire life plan out of the window. I’ve […] For more, go to: (Source)

 Luna Shadows’ upcoming debut album Digital Pacific (due February 12th) is mapped out like a California road trip; starting near Shadows’ home at Echo Park Lake in  LA before sweeping across the city westward toward the ocean, along the coast and out to the desert for a vacation getaway then circling back to her apartment. The expansive 18-track album peers through a digital lens, and explores deeply human themes like self-affirmation, anxiety, and disillusionment. It’s a project years in the making that has culminated in a singular vision Shadows has executed as songwriter, producer, and creative director. Shadows’ latest single “nite swim” sits at the intersection of the themes of Digital Pacific, exploring the impact of technology on relationships. On the track, Shadows conjures images of a modern day Romeo and Juliet trying to navigate love and communication in the digital age. The chorus – “To be the Romeo and the Juliet of our generation / Except without the dying and the devastation” – emerges through a mesh of gritty percussion and powdery synths. Shadows shares about “nite swim”: “When I think of the extremely problematic R+J, a lot of their tragedy is based on farcical miscommunication that could’ve been so easily avoided in 2021. Yet in an age […] For more, go to: (Source)

Cold weather got you down? Run River North is here to help warm you back up. The band is thrilled to share their new music video for “Lonely Weather,” animated by The Fox and The Folks. Featuring vibrant colors and uplifting melodies, “Lonely Weather” is sure to help shake out those winter blues. “We wrote ‘Lonely Weather’ with Nick Anderson from the Wrecks and he’s from Buffalo, New York. And as SoCal local natives, we were educated on how real seasonal depression can be in,” shares Alex Hwang. “Regardless, whether you’re from upstate New York or sunny southern California, change is always coming and the struggle to endure and face these changes can feel a lot like lonely weather.” He continues: “This song is about finding your favorite sweater during those weird and lonely seasons and that you have to go through it in order to get through it.” “Lonely Weather” is the latest single from the band’s forthcoming album Creatures In Your Head, out February 12th, 2021. For more information, please visit For more, go to: (Source)

It is Wednesday, the middle of the week, reflect on what you have done since Monday, and think about all the fun you will have coming this weekend. That is, if you live in a place you can actually get out! We are going to help with that slow down a bit with this new tune by Lancaster UK’s Gloria, a three-piece band who have been turning heads and dare I say breaking hearts all across the North West of England. Still in the early stages of their musical adventure they have some notable shows under their belts, I mean, they sold out their debut headline gig in Manchester and were chosen as the main support for the Elephant Trees while in Leeds. New single Story of Strife is a slow burner of a song one that has instrumentation that will relax you and folk-tinged vocals that will soothe you. It also showcases the range that Gloria has, how they are able to change the feel of their music, yet keep their own aesthetic. Have a listen… Though 2020 might well have been a year full of setbacks but bands and the wider industry itself, Gloria is refusing to let […] For more, go to: (Source)