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by VH1 8/12/2019 What’s more unbelievable, that B2K actually agreed to go back out on tour, or that they’re admitting that their bodies might be too old for these tour antics? Embedded from Last season when Lil Fizz pitched the idea of a B2K reunion tour, his bandmates said it was impossible. CUT TO […]

by Andrea Wurzburger 6/19/2019 Riddle time: What do you get when you put Major Lazer, Brazilian music sensation Anitta, a splash of Costa Rica, the taste of summer and BACARDÍ rum into a blender and mix it all up? Easy! Major Lazer’s latest song, “Make It Hot.” Embedded from The music video, directed by […]

by Andrea Wurzburger 3/20/2019 This season on Love & Hip Hop Miami, Prince was trying to make the leap from club promoter to Papii Sham Poo, debuting new music and trying to make it in a tough industry. In a VH1 exclusive interview, we spoke with Prince about his upcoming projects, how it feels to […]

by Andrea Wurzburger 3/20/2019 This season of Love & Hip Hop Miami has been chock full of drama between Amara and Bobby Lytes, Jojo and Bobby, Prince and Bobby…okay, lots of drama involving Bobby. It ain’t his fault he is a self-proclaimed “sucker for some good old shade!” But Bobby wants to take back the […]

by Andrea Wurzburger 3/18/2019 Teyana Taylor dropped a new video and this time she is getting behind the camera and directing as well as starring in it. The singer’s video for “Issues/Hold On” is a ’70s inspired love story about a couple with–you guessed it–issues! Playing the other half of Teyana’s power couple? The ever-so-handsome […]

by Jasmine Grant 11/29/2018 Whew, chile! You can’t ever say Nicki Minaj doesn’t have excellent taste, because she hand picked some of the finest of women in Basketball Wives history for the “Good Form” video. @nickiminaj In case Onika splashing her famous cakes in a milk bath wasn’t a big enough sell for the new […]

by Jasmine Grant 11/15/2018 Writer. Pop culture junkie. Popeyes loyalist. Source: VH1

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