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SCORPIONS frontman Klaus Meine spoke to Pat’s Soundbytes Unplugged about the band’s upcoming studio album. Tentatively due in 2021, the disc will mark the German hard rock legends’ first release since 2017’s “Born To Touch Your Feelings – Best Of Rock Ballads”, which was an anthology of SCORPIONS‘ new and classic material. “It’s such a bummer,” Meine said. ‘Right now, we were supposed to be in Las Vegas to play a residency at Planet Hollywood. And we were so excited about this plan. And since, in 2020, we are focusing on making a new album, the plan was to go to Los Angeles in May and June to work with our producer Greg Fidelman, who used to work with all those great bands like METALLICA and SLIPKNOT. So we wanted to be in L.A. in May and June, and then go over to Vegas, play the shows. And for the off days, we booked a studio in Vegas already for the guitar players to go in and lay some tracks down and then maybe go back to L.A. in August. So now we’re here, we’re stuck in the lockdown and we’re stuck in Germany, and it’s not so easy. It’s pretty crazy. But the good thing is, through this Zoom thing, there is a way to work. “The whole month of May until early June, we were working in a studio in Hannover — just the three of us: Rudolf [Schenker, guitar], Matthias [Jabs, guitar] and myself — with Greg coming in via Zoom every night,” he continued. “For us, at dinner time, and for him, it was, like, around breakfast. And we worked together, going through the songs, talking about the arrangements and everything: ‘I like this song’, ‘Maybe this we’ll keep for later.’ And we made great progress with the record, believe it or not. So it’s pretty crazy, but it’s been working so far very well. “I must say, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a blessing, as artists and musicians, we can take a deep dive in our creative world and create some new stuff, some new songs — to write lyrics, to compose songs. It feels so good that we can work and not sit at home, staring out of the window. So it’s wonderful that we can be very active and very creative, hopefully to do something where all the fans hopefully will enjoy next year when we come back out on the road again with hopefully a couple of great new songs.” Meine also addressed his previous comment that SCORPIONS‘ upcoming album will see him and his bandmates returning to the heavier edge of the group’s early offerings. “The thing is, when you make a decision to make a new album, it’s kind of crazy,” he said. “After so many years, in 2020, to talk about, in a band to say, ‘Guys, we do a new record.’ ‘Really?’ It’s quite a challenge, to tell the truth. And you ask yourself, can I really, after all these years, write another great rock song? Can Rudolf come up with cool rock riffs? Is he still the riff master? And Matthias coming in with all those beautiful solos and lead guitar stuff in there. And now with Mikkey Dee [drums] in the band, and Pawel [Mąciwoda], our bass player. So that’s the first thing you ask yourself. And once you make the decision we make a new album, then you ask yourself, so what do you wanna say? What is this all about? And also with a producer like Greg Fidelman, who comes really from working with bands like SLIPKNOT and METALLICA, this is the road we go — it’s gonna be on the rough side. SCORPIONS always [made albums with] a couple of ballads, but we try to focus on the DNA from the early days. So many years later, who knows what it comes out at the end of the day. You never know. But we try to catch the attitude and we try to find the DNA of the early days, find the DNA of songs [like] ‘The Zoo’, ‘Make It Real’, ‘Lovedrive’, ‘Blackout’, ‘Animal Magnetism’ — the heaviness of songs like ‘The Zoo’ and ‘Animal Magnetism’. We have a new song that picks up the vibe with the heaviness. We might be missing one or two more really fast songs. I think Rudolf is working on it right now, or Matthias. And I wrote tons of lyrics. And we worked the other way around this time. Normally, I would wait for Rudolf to come with the songs, like a demo. So he would sing a couple of lines, but then I would write the lyrics on the track. And this time, I started with writing lyrics and gave them to Rudolf. I said, ‘This is what I wanna say. This is what you’re gonna do.’ And he said he felt inspired, the other way around, to pick it up that way and write a great song to the words, which inspired him.” According to Meine, SCORPIONS‘ new LP will feature “no outside writers at all,” unlike 2015’s “Return To Forever”, which was largely co-written by the album’s producers, Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen. “This is a hundred percent SCORPIONS DNA,” Klaus said. “And we wanted to keep it that way and make it really something that is pure SCORPIONS. And with Greg on our side, he’s a fantastic producer and a great guy. It’s so inspiring to work with him. So far, it’s such a great journey to make this album. But now we’re on a very important crossroads, because we cannot go to the U.S., [he] cannot come over here, so how can we work this out? Mikkey is in Sweden, Pawel is in Poland, in Krakow. Until now, there were heavy travel restrictions. It’s kind of complicated, but it’s a crazy journey so far. In some place in my heart, [I feel] we’ll get through this and we’ll find a way out of this to make it work, and it will be even more special at the end of the day.” Fidelman began his career as the guitarist and songwriter for RHINO BUCKET before launching his career as a producer, engineer and mixer, finding an early mentor in Rick Rubin. SCORPIONS‘ last full-length collection of new recordings was the aforementioned “Return To Forever”, partially comprising songs the band had in the vault from the ’80s. It was the final recorded appearance of SCORPIONS‘ longtime drummer James Kottak, who was dismissed from the band in September 2016.

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On July 2nd, Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth posted the following message on social media: “Today we are showing our support of the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign, which aims to publicly and politically highlight the problems that the UK live music industry is facing, and to call on government action in… For more, check out: (Source)

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Sebastian Bach says that Stephen Pearcy‘s Twitter “account got hacked” and the RATT singer never implied Americans should refrain from wearing a cloth face mask or covering in public even though it protects against the coronavirus. “We just got a text from @StephenEPearcy + Kristi telling us that Stephens account got hacked and he never tweeted to unmask America,” Bach tweeted Friday night (July 3). “I am so happy to hear that one of my heroes and great friends is on the good team Victory hand We have got to do everything we can to get our lives back!!” Two days ago, Pearcy came under fire for apparently sharing the hashtag #UnMaskAmerica on his Twitter, which many of his followers took to mean that he was telling them to defy country-mandated orders to wear masks or face coverings. Pearcy later deleted the tweet and shared a photo of himself with braided hair, holding a Robbin Crosby guitar while wearing a mirrored face mask with the caption: “Maybe if we all wear this mask, we can all have peace. Or we can wait for the real guys to come down and straighten things out. I’m waiting for the Ass kicking” In response to Stephen‘s tweet, Bach wrote: “Dude this shit is actually not funny. Please stop embarrassing yourself and all of rock and roll” Later on Thursday, Pearcy seemingly tried to explain away his #UnMaskAmerica tweet, writing: “I only apologize for things that hurt my audience, politics leave me the fuck out, don’t be starting shit. Not into it. Not for press, not for nothing. Note; If my post was so far above heads I’ll explain. ALL peoples, races, if we had the same face (Extraterrestrial alien) no prejudice. Peace.” He added: “#mask or do as you please. That was an unfinished post.” With most U.S. states requiring masks at least in crowded spots where social distancing isn’t possible, several hard rock and heavy metal musicians have used their platforms to remind their followers to mask up amid the coronavirus pandemic, including TESTAMENT‘s Alex Skolnick, QUEENSRŸCHE‘s Todd La Torre, TRIVIUM‘s Paolo Gregoletto and SONS OF APOLLO‘s Mike Portnoy. Three weeks ago, the U.S. Surgeon General urged people to wear face coverings, saying they will promote freedom during the coronavirus pandemic. “Some feel face coverings infringe on their freedom of choice- but if more wear them, we’ll have MORE freedom to go out. Face coverings [leads to] less asymptomatic viral spread [leads to] more places open, and sooner!” Dr. Jerome Adams wrote on Twitter. In a study published last month, researchers from Texas A&M University, the California Institute of Technology and the University of California San Diego, concluded “that wearing of face masks in public corresponds to the most effective means to prevent interhuman transmission.” In early April, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention issued new guidelines that Americans should wear face coverings in public.

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Paul Stanley has urged his social media followers to vote in this year’s presidential elections, saying that “we have a responsibility to our past and to our future.” On Friday (July 3), the KISS frontman took to his Twitter to share a photo of the United States Declaration Of Independence, and he added the following message: “Thinking-The 13 colonies explained and declared independence from England on July 4, 1776. We are in the depths of numerous crises and reflecting on our past. Your voice now takes on yet greater importance. We have a responsibility to our past and to our future. On Nov. 3, VOTE!” As expected, the response to Paul‘s words was mixed, with some fans objecting to him voicing his views and opinions on political issues. “Dang, I hate when celebrities push their political agendas”, one Twitter user wrote, while another chimed in, “Voting this year would be a lot easier if we had some decent choices. I can’t believe with all the people in this country, these are the two candidates we get to choose from. Voting has become an unpleasant chore.” A third person wrote: “This is how America started. Our country has fallen from being the best to being the worst” Last month, Stanley said he found it “more frightening than despicable” that U.S. President Donald Trump‘s claim that a 75-year-old man seen in video being pushed by a Buffalo police officer during a protest “fell harder than (he) was pushed.” Stanley tweeted: “To have the President of the United States spewing this lunacy is more frightening than despicable. WE are better than this. In case some of you didn’t hear previous ones, consider this your wake up call.” In April, Stanley blamed a shifting media environment for sharpening partisan divides, saying that Fox News and CNN viewers and live in “different realities.” “Any conversation I’ve had with somebody who feels contrary to [a particular point of view], they stick to their guns because their reality is based on information that they’re getting from a source that has their own agenda,” Stanley said during an appearance on Richard Marx‘s “Social Distancing” talk show. “I’m not saying that CNN is guiltless. It’s really become the network of the Democrats versus the network of the Republicans, and your reality and what you see as the truth, not coincidentally, is based upon which network you watch. And that’s terrible. We’re living in separate universes. If you go from one channel to the other, you think you’re in a different time. “If I were to watch whatever network I watch that’s called ‘The News,’ it’s going to feed me what I believe to be reality,” he added. “That’s the basic truth of it. And, unfortunately, there seems to be different realities, alternate realities… There’s gotta be a truth.”

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Lionheart released their first album, Hot Tonight, in 1984. As with a lot of bands of that era, management issues led to their disappearance from the scene, and principal members moved on to other projects. Guitarist Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden) moved on to Praying Mantis, while bassist Rocky Newton… For more, check out: (Source)