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In the clip below, guitarist Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) performs his take on “Gurenge”, the opening theme for the ongoing anime TV series, Demon Slayer. Check it out against the original version performed by singer LiSA.
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Michael Sweet of openly Christian rockers STRYPER says that the race and appearance of Jesus Christ “shouldn’t matter” because “He was, is and forever will be our Savior.” While the most common image of Jesus Christ, at least in Western cultures, has been that of a bearded, fair-skinned man with long, wavy, light brown or blond hair and blue eyes, despite being born in the Middle Eastern Judea region, evidence indicates he probably looked very different from how he has long been portrayed. Earlier today, Sweet took to his social media to write: “I had an interesting conversation last night at dinner about Jesus being either white or black. Most photos depict Him as white yet He was born in Bethlehem (present day Israel) so He was born a Jew. The real issue is it shouldn’t matter yet in our society today it still does, from both sides. It shouldn’t matter what color He was and we should all just except the fact that Regardless of the color of His skin or what He May have looked like – He was, is and forever will be our Savior and The King of Kings. It’s too bad He didn’t create us all to be color blind. I guess He left that up to us. Free will, free choice. Unfortunately we continue to let colors separate us. God made it so simple yet we’ve made it so complicated. Maybe we’ll get it right Someday…….” Back in 2015, a British scientist released an image that he said was a far more accurate representation of what Jesus actually may have looked like, based on forensic anthropology. Richard Neave recreated the face of Jesus by studying Semite skulls using modern-day forensic techniques, saying that Jesus would have likely had a darker complexion and short, dark, curly hair. These features would likely have been typical of Middle Eastern Jews in the Galilee area of northern Israel. In a 2018 interview with the Detroit Free Press, Michael said that STRYPER was never fully embraced by the heavy metal and hard rock communities, largely because of the band’s Christian lyrics. “We’ve never been accepted by either side,” he said. “The secular side, the mainstream, they’ve never accepted us to this day. We’re probably that band that everyone’s going to go to whenever there’s a time to mock. We’ll be the band used for that in most cases. Now on the Christian side, we’ve never really had the full support of the Christian side because we don’t fit into their little club. We’re not wearing suits and ties and going to every church and preaching.” Formed 37 years ago, STRYPER‘s name comes from Isaiah 53:5, which states: “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

I had an interesting conversation last night at dinner about Jesus being either white or black. Most photos depict Him… Posted by Michael Sweet on Sunday, July 5, 2020

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German thrashers DESTRUCTION played their first concert after the coronavirus pandemic closures on Saturday (July 4) in Pratteln, Switzerland. In response to COVID-19 restrictions, only 300 tickets were made available at the 1,600-capacity Z7 club, and it “it was not sold out,” according to YouTube user Heike M.666, who attended the gig and uploaded a fan-filmed video of DESTRUCTION‘s performance (see below). A couple of weeks before the Z7 concert, DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier spoke to Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio about the prospect of playing shows amid the pandemic. He said: “It feels a little bit surreal. Nobody expected this to come back so quick, but we’re in the lucky position to live on the Swiss border, and Switzerland is far ahead of all the other countries … And there are very little corona cases, so that will be an interesting experience… It’s going to feel weird to play a show again, because this is the first time in 20 years that we didn’t play a show in three months. It’s the longest time ever. It’s very exciting, of course. We look forward to playing again, but it’s going to feel a little weird, for sure.” Schmier also expressed his optimism about the prospect of additional live events in the coming weeks. “What we’re experiencing now is the first trial of concerts, and Switzerland, also, is far ahead, so the whole world will watch the country and see the developments. So, it’s going to be interesting, and hopefully we’re not going to get hit hard again, but the way things go at the moment, it looks good. Switzerland is open just a couple of weeks already. In Germany, we’re still wearing masks when we’re going grocery shopping and stuff, but in Switzerland, there’s no masks needed anymore.” In a separate interview with The Metal Voice, Schmier said that he is not interested in performing drive-in concerts during the coronavirus crisis. “I’m not playing for cars,” he said. “It’s wrong — it’s just wrong. If this is the last step to do — to play live shows in front of cars — I might think about it. But at the moment, no way — it’s not working for metal. Metal people have to move, and we wanna feel the bass. This auto concerts, the music is on your radio, on your stereo in your car. There’s no P.A. system. It’s not a live impression, really. You’re sitting in your car. “I understand people doing this now, because people are desperate,” Schmier added. “But [it’s] not for DESTRUCTION. We had the offer to do this, actually, but I don’t wanna rip my fans off with shit like this. I’m sorry.” As the coronavirus disease continues to spread, live event organizers have been canceling or postponing large gatherings, including concerts and festivals. Entertainers, crew and other workers in the industry have already lost billions of dollars as a result of COVID-19-related cancelations, representing only a small fraction of the financial devastation that will be experienced by workers in the sector as cancelations continue to roll in. In early April, Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel, one of the key architects of the Affordable Care Act and a special adviser to the director general of the World Health Organization, told The New York Times that he doesn’t anticipate it to be safe to return to concerts, sporting events and other mass public gatherings until the fall of 2021. According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in the United States via travelers who attend these events and introduce the virus to new communities. Two months ago, DESTRUCTION delivered a treat for fans stuck at home and unable to attend live shows: “Born To Thrash – Live In Germany“, the band’s first live album with the current lineup, is out now digitally on all streaming and download platforms. DESTRUCTION‘s latest album, “Born To Perish”, was released in August 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

Destruction on stage as we speak at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland! ? Posted by Destruction on Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Swedish avant-garde metallers Diablo Swing Orchestra have checked in from Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, where they are busy recording a new album dubbed (for the moment) Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole. “Kristin’s vocals are done and we’re getting closer to getting this behemoth of an album… For more, check out: (Source)

  Episode 19 of The Rockpit Podcast – sponsored by Dual Engraving. Featuring interviews with Dez Fafara from Devildriver, Matt Robins from Cicadastone and Leah Martin-Brown from Evol Walks. Launching new episodes every month, The […] For more, go to: (Source)

Axl Rose has defended his right to speak out on political issues, saying that he feels an “obligation to say something” about the “irresponsibility of this administration.” The GUNS N’ ROSES singer, who has repeatedly voiced his displeasure with U.S. President Donald Trump, explained his position in a message on TwitLonger, a related Twitter site where one can post messages longer than 280 characters. He wrote: “My disdain 4 r current administration n’ what I perceive as it’s threat to r democracy is no secret. “I’m not all that active w/social media n’ tho I more than appreciate anyone who takes an interest in something I might post I don’t really have an interest in how many followers or retweets etc. I have as my political or social issue posts rn’t about me. They’re about the issues. In general my posts in regard to current events, politics or social issues r usually coming from a sense of outrage, obligation n’ responsibility to say something at times when I feel not to is being complicit (as opposed to a desire for attention or self promotion.) “I’m nobody, just a citizen that like everyone else has my own opinions n’ believes in my heart that ultimately I want what’s best for not just r country but for humanity, wildlife n’ r environment n’ other’s as opposed to right, left or any other wing fascism r at least in this country free to disagree. So 4 me when I feel someone in this administration for example or perhaps media, in entertainment or the public says or does something that in my view supports or caters to the irresponsibility of this administration or various issues w/government or law enforcement I may voice an opinion. Perhaps a strong or perhaps considered by some a lewd or immature response or opinion. It happens.” Rose has taken to Twitter a number of times in the past couple of years to slam President Donald Trump, his administration and his policies. On Friday (July 3), Axl called on Jerome Adams to resign after the United States surgeon general refused to give a yes or no answer when asked if he would advise people to attend large gatherings over the 4th of July weekend. This past May, Axl took a shot at U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, calling him “an asshole.” Rose also recently criticized a decision by the sheriff of Orange County, California to not enforce beach closures that were mandated by the state’s governor. Back in November 2016, Rose took to Twitter to condemn then-President-elect Donald Trump‘s choice for U.S. attorney general, and to berate Trump for demanding an apology from the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” after then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed when he attended the musical. One month later, Rose invited fans at a GUNS N’ ROSES concert in Mexico City to beat the crap out of a large piñata designed to look like Trump. In January 2018, Axl blasted the Trump administration as the “gold standard of what can be considered disgraceful.” Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

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Following is an excerpt from an article published in Metal Hammer #185 featuring Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo looking back on his career, which has included working / performing with Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains), Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves.
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In a new Cameo post, guitarist / vocalist Richie Kotzen answered a couple questions from a fan and revealed that he is into the idea of making another album with The Winery Dogs. The band features himself fronting the band alongside music legends Billy Sheehan (bass) and Mike Portnoy (drums).
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Channeling the dance of the undead and playing songs distinguished by atmospheric synth melodies, heavy guitars, and melodic vocals, Neon Coven is equal parts tragedy and beauty. Their anthems of love, loss, life and death are delivered with the passion that only comes from someone that has lived it.
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Honeymoon Suite guitarist Derry Grehan and vocalist Johnnie Dee got a chance to record virtual video of their iconic hit “New Girl Now”.  “We can’t be out there playing for you all right now so this is the next best thing until we see you again. More videos to come… For more, check out: (Source)