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When it comes to the outlook for the music industry in 2021, there’s a fitting quote that is often attributed to Mark Twain: “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” After enduring a recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the music industry can look to the new year with a combination of caution and optimism. While the coronavirus will negatively impact the economy for at least several more months, a rapidly scaled up vaccination program should begin to bear fruit later in the year. Once the collective health of our country is on a steady track to improvement, which […]

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2010s pop punk lyrics quiz

Pop punk‘s not dead! Do we have to scream it or should we just let the bands of the last decade speak for themselves? Despite the genre losing the mainstream popularity it had in the 2000s, the 2010s gave us some serious hits. Between the persistence of favorites such as All Time Low and new […]

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Taylor Swift All Time Low

Taylor Swift just shocked the music world again in 2020, releasing her second surprise album of the year, evermore, the sister record to folklore, which she dropped earlier this year.  Both records take on a more alternative and indie-rock sound, with plenty of surprising new collabs.  Read more: 50 most anticipated albums of 2021 in […]

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August Burns Red Halsey Grey Daze

As we enter the 2020 holiday season, we’re all eagerly searching for that perfect gift for the music lover in our lives. Concert tickets are obviously out of the question unless you want to plan far in advance. And merch can be hit or miss, especially if you aren’t too sure of your loved one’s […]

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best electronic rock artists

The incorporation of electronic sounds into alternative music is hardly a new phenomenon. In the mid-2000s, bands such as Cobra Starship and 3OH!3 made names for themselves in the scene with their synth-heavy infusions. And while the resulting “neon” era seemed to be short-lived, these artists were largely ahead of their time. With the mainstream […]

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Oliver Tree OMB Peezy Bruce Springsteen Nova Twins alternative music artists bands collabs 2020 collaborations

What’s better than a new track by one of your favorite artists? That’s easy: a collaboration between multiple favorites. Despite all odds, 2020 has proven to be the year of collabs. From MGK and Halsey‘s shared pop-punk debut to FEVER 333 and Run-DMC‘s “ANIMAL“ remix and merch line, we’ve been consistently surprised by some great team-ups. […]

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up-and-coming rising australian bands artists pop-punk

The Down Under is giving rise to some of the most prominent artists of the modern pop-punk scene. With bands such as With Confidence, Tonight Alive and Trophy Eyes, the catalytic contributions of Australia can’t be understated. As is the case in all notable scenes, though, the underground runs deep. And with seemingly endless music coming […]

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underrated 2000s albums bands

Anyone who’s had any kind of scene phase is likely to look back on the 2000s fondly. With numerous hit alternative albums, including Paramore‘s Riot! and Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue, we were really blessed with some great music. Unfortunately, our nostalgia really only tends to gravitate toward a small number of the decade’s countless masterpieces. Don’t believe us? Dig up […]

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new alternative bands artists quiz saint slumber the home team hot milk meet me @ the altar not a toy point north

Alternative rock—pop punk in particular—is going through some new waves at present. Especially now with downtime in the wake of canceled tours, many artists are turning to creative experimentalism. The result? A stacked collection of new alternative bands with totally unique sounds. Granted, it can be hard to find some of these gems. With music […]

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modern alternative bands 90s influence sound

If there’s anything about alternative music written down as fact, it’s that the ’90s were pivotal to the modern scene. With the emergence of new subgenres, from indie to grunge, following the breakout success of bands such as Oasis and Nirvana, the decade set the foundation for nearly all contemporary alt outfits.  Of course, many […]

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