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Last month, Double Double Whammy announced a very special compilation to celebrate its 10th anniversary. It’s an embarrassment of riches for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the beloved indie label, featuring artists from across their roster covering each other, and there are some inspired pair-ups.

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Abi Reimold

In 1997, George Lucas went back and added what was, at the time, cutting edge CGI technology to the original Star Wars trilogy to set it up for the upcoming prequels. If you watch a Star Wars movie on Disney+ or something now, you’ll notice some very computer-y aliens walking amongst the very Muppet-y aliens from the ’70s. That’s because George Lucas couldn’t just leave a good thing as a good thing, worrying about his first cash cow looking old and antiquated against his shiny, state-of-the-art trilogy of the new millennium. It continues to piss off Star Wars purists. Too much fiddling with a finished product can be dangerous. You risk ruining a good thing. To mix movie metaphors, sometimes dead is better.

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2nd Grade, the bitesize indie-pop band who released a very addicting album called Hit To Hit last year, are reworking their earliest recordings into full-band numbers. Bandleader Peter Gill is releasing Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited later this month; we already highlighted the re-recorded “Favorite Song” a few weeks ago and today he’s back with a fresh take on “Superglue,” a breezy and brief track that takes its cue from the Beach Boys, as Gill explains in this rundown of influences for Brooklyn Vegan. Listen to the new and old “Superglue”s below.

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Trans Musicians & Allies For Change is a new compilation that was released last week for Bandcamp Friday though the label Z Tapes and curated by the Philly-based musician Port Lucian. It features previously unreleased tracks from Fred Thomas, Bellows, and Hit Like A Girl; fresh covers from 2nd Grade (Joni Mitchell) and Teenage Halloween (the Breeders); and demos from Future Teens, Harmony Woods, and Little Kid. Plus a whole lot more! All proceeds from the compilation go toward Trans Lifeline. You can sample it below and purchase it here.

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In a year when it’s largely been impossible to see live music, a major source of discovering new artists has been eliminated. But music finds a way and plenty of acts have emerged over the last 12 months. Every autumn here at Stereogum, we look at the artists that make us most excited about the […] For more, go to: (Source)

2nd Grade’s songs are short and insistent, like they were designed for the attention span of someone that’s actually in the second grade. There are 24 songs on the band’s new album, Hit To Hit, and most of them hover around the two-minute mark. There’s little traditional verse-chorus-verse structure to them, but they beg for […]

Next week, the Philadelphia band 2nd Grade are releasing a new album, Hit To Hit, which is filled with 24 infectious and bitesized rock songs. We’ve heard a couple of them already — “Velodrome” and “My Bike” and “Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider” — and today they’re sharing another one, “Boys In Heat,” a surfy […]

Earlier this month, we got introduced to 2nd Grade, the Philadelphia group fronted by Peter Gill, with two songs, “Velodrome” and “My Bike,” that are included on the project’s upcoming 24-track debut album, Hit To Hit. Today, we’re getting another one from it, “Dennis Hopper From Easy Rider,” which combines the kindergarten basics of the […]