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A new wave of punk has taken the world and internet by storm. Recently, there has been a spike in movies about the feminist punk movement, and TikTok users have repopularized bands such as Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex. In 2021, the history and legacy of riot grrrl appears across all social media platforms as […]

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It cannot be denied that some of the most enduring and exciting music and culture created in the punk and alternative-rock scenes were made by people of color. From the early days of Rock Against Racism in the U.K. to the game-changing awareness of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene, these black artists were there all […]

Streaming numbers have surged because people have been spending more time at home. Many are bingeing their way through shows they’ve already watched or are consumed with the ridiculous Tiger King series. Why not break away from that and learn something about music instead? Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime have plenty of documentaries offering information […]