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The Venn diagram comprising many punk and metal offshoots got pretty messy in the 2000s. Post-hardcore crews were regularly lumped in with metalcore, screamo, emo and a plethora of hybrid acts, often sounding comparable and touring together. The biggest of those spectacles was something called Warped Tour.  Yet, there’s no doubting their sway. These subgenres […]

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Fearless Records’ famous Punk Goes… franchise has certainly come a long way since its first installment in 2000. Genre discrepancies aside, it’s impossible to deny the success of one particular subseries: the Punk Goes Pop albums. There are now seven volumes, with speculation of an eighth floating around online. Of course, as with any expansive […]

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One standout feature of the early 2000s emo music scene was song titles that could barely fit on the back covers of CDs. You probably have fond memories of typing the lyrics of your new jam into the Google search bar and discovering that the actual name of the song was nowhere within them. Or […]

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Warped Tour may be long over, but it will truly live forever in our hearts. Every scene kid probably spends an embarrassing amount of time thinking about their favorite moments at the summer music festival each year and daydreaming about the lineups we never witnessed. Recently, we’ve been doing the same thing and started thinking […]

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As legendary bands in the scene continued to mature musically and grow away from the genres that they became known for, newly established musicians were creating blends that sparked new categories for scene music. In 2008, Fall Out Boy released their last album before their hiatus, and I Set My Friends On Fire popularized crunkcore. […]

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This week’s Must-See Music selections make us want to slap people who complain that there’s “no good music anymore.” There is great music out there—the complainers simply don’t know what’s going on. If you’re seeking alt-rock icons, punk lifers, guitar rockers and pensive singer-songwriters,you’ve come to the right spot on the web. This is Must-See […]

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Being in quarantine has made recording and creating music videos a little more difficult but definitely not impossible. Composed of former A Skylit Drive frontman Michael “Jag” Jagmin and Jonathan Kintz (ex-Of Mice & Men), Signals are teaming up with AltPress to debut the music video for “Turn Back Crime.” The track is the second […]

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Even though Michael “Jag” Jagmin had creative input with his former band A Skylit Drive, he didn’t feel the musical direction the band took after the release of Wires…And The Concept Of Breathing was something he was confident in. With this in mind, Jagmin and guitarist Jonathan Kintz teamed up to form Signals, a new […]

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Take a listen to 'Not If I Saved You First.' Continue reading…

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