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Some years after his demos blew up on SoundCloud, Abraham Blue finally releases debut single “Hoops“.  Born to Palestinian-Syrian parents, Abraham Blue immigrated and settled in downtown Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 5. Growing up in a small apartment without a TV, his culture was focused around classic Arabic singers. Antwerp presented an identity crisis for Abraham who struggled to feel at home. He discovered James Brown and Michael Jackson and fell in love with pop music and began to explore new genres when his mid-teens presented him with a chance encounter with Miles Davis’ “On Green Dolphin Street” being played in his uncles’ boutique book shop.   He soon emerged himself into a broad spectrum of different styles discovering Jazz, Brazilian BossaNova, 90’s hiphop, classic soul and even gospel music and became obsessed with acquiring a deep knowledge of the music. With no instruments or equipment, he immersed himself into learning how to play piano, guitar, bass and drums and befriended local music stores, begging them to allow him to use their instruments and stay on past close time to learn and hone his skills as a player. Before long Abraham started writing his own songs and learning production through Youtube tutorials. Then an opportunity came up […] For more, go to: (Source)