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Alae have followed up their summer smash hit “Summer Thing” with the brand new single “Lucy,” which is accompanied by a stunning video directed by Mardo El-Noor.  Continuing Alae’s laid back, groove-infused, indie-pop trajectory, which began with the infectious ode to heartbreak, “Hit Me Where It Hurts,” Lucy is all about sitting back, relaxing, and letting the outside world go. Alae vocalist Alex Farrell-Davey and Dunedin musician Max Gunn created the song during a songwriting session in Auckland. Alex elaborates; “Max and I met at the SongHubs Auckland session in 2019. Our styles and direction meshed way better than we could have ever thought, so we started writing together in our own time. He’s responsible for the beautiful keys and sassy harmonies you hear in the track. It’s turned into an insanely fun track to play live!”  The eye-popping animated video is created by Auckland-based visual-artist Mardo El-Noor. Eye-candy to the extreme, the video leans into the themes of Lucy, the sky, and the diamonds to full-blown trippy effect. The end result straddles the line between music video and pop art. Mardo explains; “I was inspired by the imagery of the song’s lyrics. The music video is a visual free […] For more, go to: (Source)