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Metal titans Lamb of God are back with a new studio album, their first in five years.

Lamb of God Unveil Self-Titled New Album: Stream
Spencer Kaufman

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Two years ago, the Cartoon Network debuted Craig Of The Creek, an animated show about a kid and his two best friends having imagination-driven adventures in the woods near their houses. Pop-punk auteur Jeff Rosenstock wrote and recorded the show’s theme song. Today, Craig Of The Creek is airing “In The Key Of The Creek,” […]

Right now, a whole lot of people hate cops. But I don’t know how many people hate cops as much as the San Jose band Sunami. Last year, Sunami, whose ranks include members of bands like Gulch and Hands Of God, released a Bandcamp demo that immediately made them a favorite among those of us […]

There are precious few good things happening in 2020, but the rise of Infant Island has been one of them. Just in the past two months, the convulsive Fredericksburg, Virginia screamo rippers have released two towering works, the EP Sepulcher and the album Beneath. Guitarist and singer Alexander Rudenshiold has also unveiled his new band […]

Nirvana fucking ruled. Krist Novoselic might be out here definding Trump these days, but 30 years ago, he was in a good band. Louisiana sludge-metal warriors Thou have always known this. Over the years, Thou have released a whole lot of Nirvana covers. Sometimes, those covers have been relatively easy to find, as with the […]

The New Jersey-based band metallic hardcore End make some truly ugly music. A few years ago, Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy got together with Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney, as well as current and former members of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Blacklisted, Shai Hulud, and Misery Signals to form End. All of those […]

Run The Jewels aren’t the only all-star dystopian rap duo with a great new album out this week. Armand Hammer, the team of New York underground veterans Elucid and billy woods, are back, too. Two years ago, Armand Hammer released Paraffin, a disorienting avant-garde masterwork that was one of 2018’s best rap albums. Last year, […]

Run The Jewels have released their new album, RTJ4, a couple days early. (It was scheduled to come out on Friday.) “Fuck it, why wait,” the duo wrote in a statement alongside a link directing to a free download of the album. “The world is infested with bullshit so here’s something raw to listen to […]

The members of the straight-edge metallic hardcore band Rain Of Salvation come from up and down the East Coast — Long Island, Delaware, Connecticut — and they also play in groups like Typecaste and Atonement. Today, Rain Of Salvation have followed up their 2019 debut EP A War Outside And Within with a crushing new […]

The hard-as-hell Philadelphia shoegazers Nothing have just released a session that they recorded back in December for the LA radio show Part Time Punks. They’ve put it out as a four-song EP called GEORGE, named in honor of the police murder victim George Floyd. Nothing are offering the EP as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp. […]