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The Venn diagram comprising many punk and metal offshoots got pretty messy in the 2000s. Post-hardcore crews were regularly lumped in with metalcore, screamo, emo and a plethora of hybrid acts, often sounding comparable and touring together. The biggest of those spectacles was something called Warped Tour.  Yet, there’s no doubting their sway. These subgenres […]

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There’s a remarkable difference between taking two weeks to complete a project and taking two years. With two years, there’s more time to learn, grow and excel at your craft. There’s also more time to experience life. That’s the process that nothing,nowhere. (Joe Mulherin) landed on for his latest LP, Trauma Factory. The Massachusetts-born emo-rap-rock […]

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If the sonic leanings of new alternative bands are any indication, pop punk isn’t dead and neither is punk rock. Be it through the continued influence of traditional groups or experimental infusions by genre-bending outfits, the punk sound is still ever-prevalent in the modern scene. While not all of the emerging bands harness the sound from […]

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If you grew up in the 2000s, rocked band T-shirts almost daily and decorated your locker top to bottom with clippings of Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you’re definitely a child of the post-hardcore era.  Now, post-hardcore, while being a specific genre, is a very gray area where bands such as Bring Me The Horizon […]

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Undoubtedly, My Chemical Romance are sweet onstage, but cake artist Shannon Murphy took her love of music and turned it into Mikey Way-approved cakes and cookies. Based in Toronto, Murphy is an accomplished confectionary creator who even appeared on season 1 of Food Network Canada’s The Big Bake for the 2019 holiday season and tackled […]

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Leave it to us to create a video for a list that was bound to fuel some fire. This APTV installment salutes singers from the 2000s whose voices shaped the scene. It was a pivotal time in youth culture. The combined tidal waves of annoying pop stars and nu-metal dudes in funny pants were giving […]

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The first decade of this century began in the wake of boy bands and nü metal, so no one truly knew which sounds and bands would break out this time around. Well, “the scene” became a widely used (and misused) phrase, and bands decided to become more egalitarian.  Read below for more on both points, […]

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Hardcore and metalcore have dominated the heavy music scene throughout many eras, from the early 2000s to the 2010s and even today. The early 2000s saw the boom of the new wave of American heavy metal and the emergence of metalcore as the primary subgenre to watch. However, hardcore bands were still laying down hard […]

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[Photos by: Patrick Stump/Spotify, Hayley Williams/Lindsey Byrnes, Gerard Way/Spotify, Anthony Green/Spotify] Sometimes after a band break up, a band member will bounce back to save our broken hearts from drowning in sadness with an amazing solo project. Other times, musicians complete and record a tracklist on their own that doesn’t fit in with their main […]

The 2004 alternative music community turned out to be a pivotal moment in time for scene bands. As the two previous years set the foundation for the genre, it quickly expanded. Musicians started to experiment more on albums with genres outside of emo, punk and pop. It was the year scene music established that it […]