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The second single from August Burns Red’s Guardians features a guitar lead that resembles the theme from Spider-Man: The Animated Series. However, the parallel was a mere coincidence according to the man who wrote the music for “Bones,” guitarist JB Brubaker, while lyric writer Brent Rambler hears A Perfect Circle in the instruments’ effects. The […]

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Astrology tells us what we should know about ourselves, from what we like to how we work. So, why wouldn’t it tell us which Netflix series we should be watching? If you’re sitting around flipping through shows on Netflix not sure what to watch, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Based on your sun sign, […]

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2010s pop punk collaborations, mark hoppus, lynn gunn, we the kings, tonight alive

Ever heard a new pop-punk song on Spotify and thought, “Wow, this is great. How could it get any better?” Only to have your mind blown by the addition of familiar guest vocals 10 seconds later? Yeah, that’s happened to us about a thousand times over the course of the last decade. If there’s anything […]

The post 10 pop-punk collabs from the 2010s that you still know every word to appeared first on Alternative Press.

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Growing up, your parents probably taught you that it’s rude to play with food. Some artists chose to ignore that lesson and take their fan art to the next level by exclusively using food to make portraits and fan art of their favorite actors, singers and characters. From cakes to sandwiches, these food artists made […]

The post 10 amazing fan art pieces made entirely out of food appeared first on Alternative Press.

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We’re often guilty of being overly reminiscent of the 2000s, a time when we were able to be our peak scene kid selves. The 2000s were marked by several monumental moments, particularly involving the internet and social media. Read more: Instagram really doesn’t want you to need any other social media platform While we’re Myspace […]

The post 10 lyrics from the 2000s that you definitely used for a Facebook status appeared first on Alternative Press.

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We all have our staple bands, but we always love to see new talent come into the limelight, carrying the torch of scene and emo sounds. We’re going to make finding new emo tracks and artists easy for you by seeing what music sparks your interest. Read more: Glastonbury Festival isn’t happening in 2021 after […]

The post QUIZ: Take this quiz and we’ll give you a new emo artist to listen to appeared first on Alternative Press.

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satin puppets debut music video, satin puppets debut, satin puppets quagmire premiere, satin puppets premiere, satin puppets interview, Satin Puppets quagmire, quagmire, satin puppets

The twins from The Shining have nothing on the ghostly Julia and Joanna Araujo, better known by their social media handle @little.ghouls. The twin sisters have undertaken a new project: making music under the moniker Satin Puppets. Alternative Press is excited to premiere their delightfully creepy and haunting debut music video, “Quagmire.” The Araujos are […]

The post Fine artists Little Ghouls dream up first single as Satin Puppets– watch appeared first on Alternative Press.

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acoustic 2000s songs, all time low, motion city soundtrack, avril lavigne, boys like girls

It doesn’t matter what part of the 2000s alternative music spectrum you lean toward. Whether your iPod was dominated by neon, pop punk or screamo tracks, one thing is for sure: Everyone loves an acoustic song.  The trend persists quite actively today. Tune in to just about any band’s quarantine livestreams and you’ll catch stripped […]

The post 10 acoustic renditions of 2000s songs that are better than the original appeared first on Alternative Press.

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the umbrella academy poster characters

To our delight, the third season of The Umbrella Academy is set to be filmed in February, meaning we only have to wait a little longer to answer those lingering questions we were left with at the end of season 2.  And the creators of the show have definitely been making us even more anxious […]

The post See which ‘Umbrella Academy’ character perfectly matches your zodiac sign appeared first on Alternative Press.

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best political punk bands

When pub-rock singer Joe Strummer of the 101ers first met with former London SS guitarist Mick Jones in 1976 to brainstorm material for a new band eventually named the Clash, Strummer was shown one of his songs, “I’m So Bored With You.” He wasn’t having it: “‘Ere, let’s rewrite this now!” The rather wimpy romantic […]

The post 10 essential political bands every punk fan needs to hear appeared first on Alternative Press.

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