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Poppy Ghostemane dating engaged dating photos issue 387

Poppy has been an internet sensation, a comic book character, a cult leader and the force behind avant-garde pop-electro-kawaii-metal that will challenge all of your perceptions of musical genre. But as she prepares for her new era, dubbed POPPY 3.0, she promises a version of the character you can’t even fathom, born out of the […]

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action adventure poser video

PeoplePop-punk group Action/Adventure revealed that they have joined the Pure Noise Records roster. To celebrate, the band released a high-energy video for “Poser,” off their upcoming EP Pulling Focus. Action/Adventure shared the news on social media, expressing how excited they are to be among some of their favorite bands on the label. Read more: 10 […]

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future violents ep, frank iero and the future violents heaven is a place this is a place

2020 held monumental plans for Frank Iero alongside My Chemical Romance on their return tour, but he spent the year much like the rest of us—discovering new music and reconnecting with some former loves. After more than a year spent at home, there’s only so much Netflix or Hulu to binge on, recipes to mimic […]

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glimmers by the lips video

glimmers have shared an emotional new single “By The Lips” with fans ahead of the release of their five-track sophomore EP, Worlds Apart. The song chronicles the intimate parts of a relationship as well as the delicacy it takes to navigate love and everything that comes with it. Read more: Ashland’s new EP let them […]

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afterlife burn it down video

Metalcore group Afterlife are redefining the genre with the release of their new single “Burn It Down.” The four-piece took the lyrics of their new song “Burn It Down” literally in the fire-filled video for the track. In the video, vocalist Tyler Levenson pours tanks of gasoline on the ground before lighting a match to […]

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diamante ghost myself video

Blue-haired powerhouse rocker DIAMANTE wants you to stop being ashamed that you have emotions in the video for “Ghost Myself.”  Though she initially released the song last May, DIAMANTE has now shared a relatable girl-power-infused video about accepting everything about yourself, even the things you’re taught to hide. Read more: Ashland’s new EP let them capture […]

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From the time that Evanescence formed in 1995 to the present, the group have never had to sacrifice their focus or collective talents on “finding their voice” unlike so many other rock ’n’ roll acts of their magnitude. Instead, Evanescence erupted with frontwoman and founder Amy Lee at the helm. Boasting a mezzo-soprano vocal range […]

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With the devastating mass cancellations of live shows this past year, artists have been trying to find creative ways to connect with their fans in a safe way. What that means in practice is that we’ve seen a lot of online performances, some better than others, but most self-recorded from artists’ living rooms and studio […]

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new music releases march 2021, gojira, kflay, body count, kamiyada

New songs this week cover topics from love and heartbreak to social and environmental issues. Royal & The Serpent sings about toxic relationships, Vic Mensa comments on society and more. Whatever mood you’re in or genre you want to listen to, all the music shared this week will certainly not disappoint. Check them out below. […]

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For most of us, being locked down with our siblings for the entirety of 2020 seems like a nightmare. For brothers Jack, Adam and Ryan Met, however, it was nothing new. The trio, better known as indie-pop band AJR, already wrote, produced and recorded their first three albums in their living room, so for their […]

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