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American Horror Story and Scream Queens star Emma Roberts has reportedly welcomed her first child with Garrett Hedlund. Now, the name of the baby boy has reportedly been revealed. Read more: Are Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge teasing something for Box Car Racer? Back in August, Emma Roberts confirmed she was expecting her first child […]

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american horror story music moments

American Horror Story has used incidental music to great effect over its nine-year history, creating some truly unforgettable moments with a touch of songs both familiar and unusual. From characters covering classics to obscure melodies warning when danger is coming, music is never far from an important scene. We know you’re bingeing all nine seasons […]

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Congratulations to American Horror Story star Billie Lourd who has welcomed her first child with fiance Austen Rydell. The couple announced the birth of their son this week and his name is honoring Lourd’s late mother and Stars Wars actress Carrie Fisher. Read more: MGK reveals how his collab with Halsey and Travis Barker came […]

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Due to coronavirus, season 10 of American Horror Story has been significantly delayed. So much so that Ryan Murphy previously revealed the entire storyline may be changed completely after revealing various hints over the past few months. Now, Sarah Paulson is opening up about her anticipated return to the American Horror Story set after missing out […]

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For nine seasons, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have packed American Horror Story with a variety of terrifying themes from across the spectrum of history and pop culture. Incorporating allusions to serial killers, historic mysteries, urban legends and film, the creative duo’s shotgun-blast approach to storytelling twists traditional horror tropes into innovative narratives that never […]

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American Horror Story would be nothing without its complicated villains. If there’s one thing the beloved anthology nails, it’s how to develop a character beyond a bloodthirsty or inexplicably unhinged persona. Throw in a turbulent backstory and audiences are torn between rooting for the baddies and the goodies—if you can find any. While we’re all […]

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[Photo via FX] Even though fans won’t be getting season 10 of American Horror Story until next year, the show’s creator Ryan Murphy is still teasing what the new season will be about. In a new post this week, Murphy has revealed another clue about what fans can expect to see in the new AHS […]

[Photo via FX] While American Horror Story fans won’t be seeing the tenth season until 2021, the franchise is giving something different with a spinoff series called American Horror Stories. After AHS creator Ryan Murphy revealed earlier this month that a spinoff series would be arriving, it’s now being confirmed and will be a part of FX’s 2021 release schedule.  […]

[Photo via FX] Many American Horror Story fans were disappointed when Sarah Paulson did not star in the anthology’s ninth season 1984. However, fans rejoiced earlier this year when it was confirmed Paulson would be returning for the show’s upcoming tenth season. Now, Paulson is revealing the exact reason why she didn’t appear in American […]

[Photos via FX] American Horror Story isn’t the same without Sarah Paulson. Featuring in every season except last year’s 1984, although she was rumored to cameo but the plan changed at the last minute, her dynamic, show-stealing performances have become an AHS tradition that keep us guessing every year. Now that we know Paulson will […]