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Television is a great way to find new music and rediscover old songs. When artists are featured on TV show soundtracks, they are able to dive into a different medium. This grants them access to a whole new audience. With shows ranging from flirty rom-coms to haunting thrillers and everything in between, there are many […]

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 The Relentless, stars of the highly anticipated series and follow up to cult classic movie American Satan, Paradise City – coming to Amazon Prime on March 25th – have released a cover of Smashing Pumpkins classic hit “Disarm”  featuring the voice of Remington Leith of Palaye Royale. Paradise City, premieres March 25th, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Set in Los Angeles, Paradise City chronicles the lives of rock star and frontman of The Relentless, Johnny Faust and a young rookie kid, Simon, who idolizes him as they collide through their broken homes built by the music business. The series was created by Ash Avildsen (Hit Parader/Sumerian Films), son of Academy Award winner John Avildsen (Rocky, The Karate Kid), and is loosely based on his own life and estranged relationship with his father. Watch the official trailer, which has clocked up a whopping 11.8 million views on YouTube, below. For more, go to: (Source)

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a creative collective as tight-knit as My Chemical Romance. Even when they’re not all in the studio together, they seem to find a way to be, well, in the studio together… Last week, Mikey Way debuted a new single from Electric Century, his side project with David Debiak, ahead of their forthcoming album. […]

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andy biersack andy black 2020

Writing an autobiography detailing the highs and lows of a rising rock star, from the days of living in a car to touring the world and writing life-changing albums, is one thing; reading it all aloud for an audiobook is another. Andy Biersack, the creative mastermind behind Black Veil Brides and Andy Black, accepted the […]

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Andy Biersack

Back in December, Black Veil Brides frontman and Paradise City star Andy Biersack released his new autobiography They Don’t Need To Understand. Now, fans can personally hear Biersack read the gripping memoir to them thanks to a new audiobook. Read more: Tom Holland squashed a ‘Spider-Man 3’ rumor, but fans aren’t convinced This past year […]

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It's like a vampire is reading to you. Continue reading…

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best punk goes pop covers

Fearless Records’ famous Punk Goes… franchise has certainly come a long way since its first installment in 2000. Genre discrepancies aside, it’s impossible to deny the success of one particular subseries: the Punk Goes Pop albums. There are now seven volumes, with speculation of an eighth floating around online. Of course, as with any expansive […]

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After the hell of a year we’ve all collectively had, it’s fair to say that we’re really looking forward to 2021. And not just for new song releases. 2020 has taught us a lot. And it made us reflect on what’s important in life and how we want to live after the coronavirus pandemic gets […]

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When My Chemical Romance launched their own makeup palette, a collaboration with HipDot, in December, the cosmetic sets sold out in mere minutes. With MCR fans craving connection with their favorite band and ready to try out new looks after being stuck in quarantine, this palette honoring Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge comes as no […]

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upcoming rock albums 2021

This year’s biggest lesson for most of us has been to expect the unexpected. While that mainly went for life itself, it certainly also applied to music. But still, there’s a lot to look forward to in the most anticipated albums of 2021.  2020 saw plenty of surprise drops and album release-date pushbacks. So, really, […]

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