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It would be a vast, wild overstatement to call last night’s Grammys telecast good. This was, after all, a Grammys telecast, full of rabbit-brained awards decisions and sleepy ballads and a soul-choking sense of self-seriousness. These things simply will not change; they are baked into the whole Grammys experience. But it would not be a vast, wild overstatement to say that this year’s Grammys were a whole lot better than they usually are. Grammy voters are still making utterly baffling and infuriating decisions about which music deserves hardware, but the people in charge of putting the show together seemed to have some idea what they were doing. This is progress! Or something!

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For more, go to: (Source)

Los Lobos and Ben Gibbard among initial lineup with more to follow each Thursday leading to Election Day For more, check out: (Source)