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Metal band Sanctuary is now actively seeking a new lead guitarist. Sanctuary will embark on a 30th Anniversary celebration tour in 2021, supporting their 1990 release Into The Mirror Black. The band is currently in the pre-production stages on a new album tentatively titled Transmutation, and will need someone that can write “epic” guitar solos. To audition, record yourself playing rhythm and/or lead guitar for the songs: “Season of Destruction,” “Future Tense” and “Frozen.” Send a video link and brief bio in the contact form at:

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The decade that gave us dial-up internet and the “Rachel” cut remains one of the most fertile and influential eras in the development of horror cinema. Although the ’80s are easy to generalize as the era of iconic slashers such as Freddy and Jason, ’90s horror doesn’t lend itself to such convenient categorization.  From the […]

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