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The legendary Boston hardcore band Bane broke up four years ago, but they’ve been enjoying a surge of nostalgia and renewed interest lately. Earlier this summer, the great videographer Sunny Singh posted a video of Bane’s full two-hour farewell show on his Hate5Six video channel, and within the genre, it’s been one of the events…

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“It wouldn’t be a final Bane show without somebody — and this is not a joke — losing their wedding ring,” Bane guitarist Aaron Dalbec tells the room full of sweaty people. “So if you could just find it, we’d really appreciate it.” Frontman Aaron Bedard makes a joke, or maybe it’s not a joke,…

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[Photo via Warner Bros.] As we’re sure most of you are aware, Bane masks are not recommended by health professionals to combat coronavirus. Nevertheless, they’re sold out anyway. The Dark Knight Rises fans have been clamoring for the mask of the Batman villain since the pandemic began and many places are sold out.  In fact, a number […]

We’re all counting the days until we can get in front of a PA system to once again celebrate live music. Until then, we’ve got Stinky to remind us how great that day will be. The French hardcore unit have released a video for a new single, “Distance.” And now we have this great urge […]