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DJ Khaled’s brand is excess, opulence, and over-the-top enthusiasm. For the better part of two decades, the man born Khaled Khaled has been rounding up as many famous rappers, singers, and producers as he can, piling them onto XXXL pop-rap songs laser-targeted at radio, and shouting various catchphrases on top of them at maximum volume. This sometimes results in pump-you-up classics like “We Takin’ Over” and “I’m On One” and “All I Do Is Win,” modern-day jock jams guaranteed to send your average millennial’s adrenaline surging. In recent years the formula has led to a bloated pantomime of triumphant lavish living — songs that sound the way overpriced liquor bottles in the VIP section probably taste (which I hear is underwhelming, though I can’t speak from experience). Khaled is a blockbuster franchise unto himself: one that keeps roping in more and more impressive names, and one that can’t really descend into self-parody because this man has always been a living caricature.

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Pooneh Ghana

It’s not like Glass Animals were exactly obscure. “Gooey,” a single from the Oxford, UK band’s 2014 debut album Zaba, went Platinum in the United States off the back of alternative radio rotation; it was even more successful in Australia, finishing the year as one of government-funded alternative station Triple J’s most popular tracks. The group’s 2016 sophomore LP How To Be A Human Being spun off a few more radio hits and was shortlisted for Great Britain’s Mercury Prize, tinting their commercial success with a hint of prestige. Maybe they weren’t a household name, exactly, but their name was out there. By the standards of 2010s rock music, you could reasonably describe them as “kind of a big deal.”

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Nico Kartel

Every time he opens his mouth to sing, GIVĒON commands attention. For the past year, he’s been getting more and more of it, and deservedly so. The 26-year-old Long Beach native has the kind of voice that would stir you from a stupor in any era, but the depth of his baritone especially stands out in an age when hot new R&B singers are often lithe tenors like 6LACK, Brent Faiyaz, and Daniel Caesar, Chris Brown remains a radio mainstay, and a wave of artists with chirpy processed vocals have blurred the line between rapping and singing. There’s an implied authority to a voice like GIVĒON’s; it can be smooth and velvety, but it also booms outward with a resounding voice-of-God effect similar to James Earl Jones. It stands out.

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Beth Garrabrant

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Joe Biden 2021 Inauguration-min

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. took the oath of office as President Of The United States in the nation’s Capitol today, January 20, alongside Kamala Harris who will serve as Vice President. According to NBC News, the Inauguration ceremony is socially distanced with masks required. Read more: Trump supporters got compared to Juggalos, and the internet […]

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International Songwriting Competition, ISC, is extending submissions through Jan. 6, 2021 for its annual Stocking Stuffer promotion, and the fee is discounted to $25 per entry. All songs entered will also be entered into the overall competition and will be eligible to win the overall ISC prizes which include over $150,000 in cash, merchandise, and services. There are 23 categories to choose from, and there is no limit to the number of songs you may enter. One overall winner from the Stocking Stuffer promo will be selected and awarded a prize package that includes a Spire Studio from iZotope, a Stealth microphone from Aston Mics, […]

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There hasn’t been a new Christmas standard for 26 years now. Not since Mariah Carey’s 1994 classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has a fresh original yuletide tune made its way into the canon. Some other songs have been shoehorned into Christmas rotation despite not actually being Christmas songs — please, I beg

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