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Bell Witch

The last time the Seattle doom metal duo Bell Witch released an album was in 2017, and chances are you could still be making sense of that music nearly three years later. The colossal, mind-expanding Mirror Reaper was one 83-minute song that completely warped your sense of time as it stretched everything out into a…

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Back in 2017, the Seattle doom duo Bell Witch absolutely fucked us up with Mirror Reaper, an album that consisted of one funereal, monolithic 84-minute track. You will probably not be surprised then, to learn that the new Bell Witch song is 19 minutes long. For this band, that’s not even that much of a […]

Back in 2017, the Seattle doom duo Bell Witch released the huge, immersive album Mirror Reaper — one single 84-minute track inspired by the death of former drummer Adrien Guerra. That album was a monster. In a couple of months, Bell Witch will return with a follow-up, but they aren’t coming back alone. On the […]