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In the past decade, everyone from Misfits and Jawbreaker to My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine has thrilled us with the announcement of a reunion show or tour. And while we’re ecstatic to see these artists hit the road again, that doesn’t stop us from wishing that they’d make a pitstop or two […]

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Southern California gets a lot of credit for being the birthplace of many bands that you know and love such as Black Flag and Bad Religion, but Northern California’s discography, which includes both Green Day and Metallica, isn’t exactly that shabby either. The area may get a little less public affirmation, but hopefully we can […]

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The dreary days of autumn are finally upon us. The perfect time of year to lie in a great big pile of orange leaves and listen to Bleed American. Ideal for falling hopelessly in love with someone you know you’ll never get the nerve to talk to.  While the world may be sipping on cider, […]

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