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[Photos via Spotify] You’ve probably already seen Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker tear it up on The Late Late Show With James Corden. In addition to their “Bloody Valentine” performance, Barker and MGK had a very interesting interview. An interview where Barker talks about the correct way to pronounce blink-182.  Is it blink one-eight-two or blink […]

[Photo via YouTube] Mark Hoppus seems to know what his favorite blink-182 song is, which is nearly an impossible question for the rest of us. The star bassist was challenged to complete a blink-182 songs bracket and he actually did it.  We’re all filling out brackets pitting emo bands against one another or ranking My […]

[Photo via YouTube] Were you the ultimate fan of blink-182‘s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket? If so, you’re going to be amazed and sad. If you weren’t, you’ll still be excited, nostalgic and probably less sad. One person just revealed that they found the van used in “The Rock Show” video in a junkyard.  That’s […]

[Photo via YouTube] Misheard lyrics happen to everyone. So long as the mistake isn’t so bad it gets your lyrics censored by the BBC, no one really minds if you mistake an article or two. If you’ve ever messed up “Feeling This” by blink-182 in such a way, Mark Hoppus has your back.  Hoppus was asked […]

[Photos via Spotify] blink-182‘s NINE released in September of 2019, so fans are pretty familiar with the content of their newest studio album by now. But, did you know that there is an unreleased version of “I Really Wish I Hated You” that featured Miley Cyrus‘ vocals? That’s right. A snippet of that version was released and […]