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Reftone Speakers LLC has announced its new powered version of the popular Ref-Cube reference speakers, model LD-3B. These Ref-Cubes are powered, featuring both analog and Bluetooth input modes. The new LD-3B model comes in stereo pairs and mono Ref-Cube configurations. The Reftone brand launches at with the powered Bluetooth and passive Ref-Cube models immediately available on their website. Powered Bluetooth Ref-Cube Speakers Launch Based on the original passive Ref-Cubes, the new LD-3B speakers have the same Reftone reference sound and now the added convenience of power and Bluetooth technology. The LD-3B reference speakers are tools to stay ahead of […]

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DropLabs is truly taking the music listening experience to the next level with its new sneakers. After a soft launch in late 2019, DropLabs has released its EP 01 sneakers. The shoes connect to Bluetooth devices and vibrate along to music that’s playing. Read more: This fan decoded The Riddler’s cryptic message in ‘The Batman’ […]

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