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If you’re a diehard music fan, you have the story. It usually starts with going to see your favorite band and having to endure an opening act so repugnant, they made you want to chew sand. Then two years later, said band are everywhere and everyone loves them. And now you’re even more pissed-off about […]

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Side projects have the special ability to give artists the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose without snobby genre lords or the (sometimes self-imposed) shackles of their previous works confining their sonic decisions. Sometimes these new bands go in an intentionally more mainstream direction, while other times the word “commercial” is never […]

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Is it a supergroup? Or is that the sound of 2-Tone ska being piped into the halls of the Justice League Of America? Actually, it’s both. Former Less Than Jake drummer Vinnie Fiorello and Westbound Train frontman Obi Fernandez have created the Inevitables, a multimedia project encompassing both comics and some fine ska music. Today Alternative […]

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