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new music releases march 2021, sleeping with sirens, girl in red, mxmtoon, magnolia park

This week has seen new music from all across the world and from different genres. From mxmtoon soundtracking a popular video game to pop-punkers Magnolia Park collabing with some big names in the scene, the music released this week will definitely not disappoint. Check out the new songs released this week in March below. Read […]

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best 2000s deathcore albums

Deathcore was a defining force of the 2000s metal scene. While polarizing at the time, it’s gained more respect in recent years through a new era of the genre. Still, the origins of the genre were filled with great releases that stand strong over a decade later.  While bands used to fight against metal elitists […]

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Metalcore has always been about the pursuit of extremity. Furious tempos, warp-speed guitar shredding and painful throat-shearing were the hallmarks of the sound. But in the later part of the 2000s and throughout the following decade, the game changed a bit. The shredders started listening to dubstep or maybe their honeys took them to Electric […]

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Business owners and employees across the world have been navigating the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic that has put many out of work. Venues are no different as shows have been canceled and postponed since March. Now, with 90% of independent venues fearing they’ll never reopen if the shutdown continues past 6 months, artists […]

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[Photos by: Born Of Osiris/Spotify, Jason Richardson/YouTube/Guitar Center] It seems that Born Of Osiris and their former guitarist Jason Richardson have reached a settlement. The issue is question was brought up earlier this year in some very public Twitter beef. Richardson alleged that he was still owed royalties for his work on Born Of Osiris’ […]

[Photos by: Enter Shikari/Derek Ridgers, The Word Alive/Spotify, Born Of Osiris/Spotify, The Devil Wears Prada] During the 2000s and early 2010s, a surge of electronic influences found their way into metalcore as EDM became the biggest genre in music at the time. Warped Tour was flooded with synths and neon skinny jeans instead of mohawks […]

[Photos via Volumes, Periphery, Veil Of Maya/Spotify, Born Of Osiris/Spotify] Djent is a relatively new genre built by many incredible bands. While it’s become a standard part of metal now, it wouldn’t be as common without a handful of acts who pushed it to the mainstream. Sure, the earliest djent bands cite Meshuggah as inspiration […]

[Photos via Danny Diablo/Bandcamp, Trapt/Spotify] After taking shots at Sumerian Records and Ice-T this week, the Trapt saga is still continuing to take over Twitter. Today, Trapt’s official Twitter account has now fired shots at hardcore punk and hip hop artist Danny Diablo (a.k.a Lord Ezec). Over the past few weeks, Trapt’s social media account […]