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Recognizable guitar riffs iconic alternative riffs

There are a number of factors that might make a song immediately recognizable—a whisper, a cough, a G note… But nothing gets our little black hearts racing quite as rapidly as a guitar riff we know like the backs of our hands. You don’t even have to be a guitarist to get the sentiment. As […]

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Significant band lineup changes Artists in multiple bands

Band lineup changes are hardly a rarity in the music scene. Between creative differences, life events and personal fallouts, it’s pretty common for at least one member to go in a different direction over the course of an outfit’s tenure. And that, of course, leaves a significant void to be filled. How a band decide […]

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Early band member contributions Alternative band lineup changes

While some bands have miraculously played for decades without a lineup change, most have had to replace a member or two throughout their tenure. We see it all the time, though it’s not always as staggering as, say, Matt Skiba stepping into a Tom DeLonge-shaped void. Often, it marks a natural progression for people who had […]

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The history of music videos is fascinating. Continue reading…

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children's shows, mcr, weezer, dave grohl, patrick stump

Believe it or not, some of your favorite musicians have made cameos or are even heavily involved with the making of popular children’s shows and teen series. In fact, just look at Bowling For Soup, who co-wrote and sang the iconic theme song to Disney‘s Phineas And Ferb, or Jack White, who played and sang […]

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Paramore, No Doubt, All Time Low, Bowling For Soup

All die-hard music fans can remember the first time they discovered a new band or heard a song that made them smash the replay button. Sometimes tracks have this unique capability to take your breath away, creating a fresh relationship that can launch you into a new world of music discovery. This connection to new […]

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Green Day Gym Class Heroes Avril Lavigne Bowling For Soup

From low-rise jeans to flashy Myspace themes, the 2000s was an era defined by flamboyancy. While the majority of those embarrassing trends naturally faded with time, one product of the ’00s has overstayed its welcome. The infamous brand Kidz Bop has been churning out family-friendly compilation albums since 2001 sung by kids, for kids.  But […]

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Bowling For Soup My Chemical Romance Joan Jett and the Blackhearts August Burns Red Christmas Covers Holiday Songs Alternative

Are there any arguments more divisive than the appropriateness of Christmas music during any given time or place? Sure, there’s the whole “pineapple on pizza” debate, but does that really get your blood boiling like being assaulted with holiday merriment? There are a number of reasons why anyone might be ill-disposed toward seasonal jingles. Maybe […]

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“1985” by Bowling For Soup is a certified scene anthem. We’ve screamed it at Warped Tour and blasted it through our car speakers for 16 years now, but it’s still hard to believe it’s been around that long.  Even though it’s a classic, the song has been revived through TikTok, with people making a variety of […]

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“I want you to stay. I want you to go.” That sounds like 70% of the sentiments found in the lyric sheets of bands operating in 21st century emo, right there. Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick knows something about the particular trend. After all, he did write an entire album around that. Reddick got […]

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