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Myspace era band quiz

If there’s one thing we miss about Myspace, it’s extensively coding our profiles and soundtracking them with our favorite songs. If you had a 2000s scene phase, then you probably remember how vital MP3 embeds were to alternative culture. After all, they were ultimately a projection of our misunderstood identities. But do you remember which […]

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best punk goes pop covers

Fearless Records’ famous Punk Goes… franchise has certainly come a long way since its first installment in 2000. Genre discrepancies aside, it’s impossible to deny the success of one particular subseries: the Punk Goes Pop albums. There are now seven volumes, with speculation of an eighth floating around online. Of course, as with any expansive […]

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best electronic rock artists

The incorporation of electronic sounds into alternative music is hardly a new phenomenon. In the mid-2000s, bands such as Cobra Starship and 3OH!3 made names for themselves in the scene with their synth-heavy infusions. And while the resulting “neon” era seemed to be short-lived, these artists were largely ahead of their time. With the mainstream […]

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Boston Manor 5 Seconds Of Summer Meet Me @ The Altar Lil Peep

Snow on the ground and colder weather may signify the end of the year for many, but for music fans, nothing highlights the closing of each year better than the Spotify Wrapped feature. And while we all love seeing how much we listened to our favorite artists, those artists might just love it even more. Spotify‘s […]

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[Photos via YouTube] There are more than a few artists who’ve released videos throughout their career without ever working with a director who’s a woman. It’s an unfortunate truth, especially when you consider the iconic and era-defining videos that directors such as Hannah Lux Davis, Roxana Baldovin, Melina Matsoukas and more are creating with artists […]