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To consider Alternative Press’ list of 1994’s top 15 punk albums, one has to bear in mind two factors: Green Day’s Dookie was released Feb. 1. Kurt Cobain died by his own hand April 5. The alternative nation’s voice was suddenly, shockingly stilled. After three years of the most popular music being an agonized scream […]

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best punk albums 1993, bad religion, bikini kill, nirvana, the muffs

Alternative rock still dominated popular music in 1993. This obviously begged the question of just how “alternative” something was if it was now on a major label and on the radio. Not necessarily a bad thing. After all, we’d never have to hear Whitesnake again. Bottom end and distortion returned to rock record-making in a […]

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1992 punk albums, fastbacks, the offspring, l7, social distortion

The mood of 1992: “We won!” Nirvana’s Nevermind sold by the truckload hourly. All anyone could talk about was alternative rock and grunge. Record biz execs walked around that spring’s SXSW convention in Austin in floppy, artfully unwashed hair, just-purchased flannel shirts and ripped jeans. You’d pass a line of them in the parking lot […]

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When Evergreen State College student Bruce Pavitt began his Subterranean Pop fanzine in the early ’80s, covering American independent bands and recordings, he had no idea he would virtually invent an entire rock genre. He was just looking to earn a course credit at the freewheeling Olympia, Washington, higher education outlet. But the ‘zine had […]

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For several generations of punks, Dr. Greg Graffin is somewhat of a folk hero. As a founding member of SoCal punk icons Bad Religion, Graffin has been the epitome of reason. His vigorous pursuit of academia didn’t dilute his punk ideals. If anything, it cemented them. In this APTV interview, he briefly discusses his band’s […]

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Due to coronavirus, Bad Religion were forced to cancel their tour with Alkaline Trio. Despite this setback, the band have been using the new downtime to their advantage. In a new interview, vocalist Greg Graffin reveals that Bad Religion plan to release various new singles during the pandemic. Read more: It only took Bella Thorne […]

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In 2020, no band would be spared the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Punk icons Bad Religion weren’t going to mope about it. If anything, they took the opportunity to move forward sonically and culturally. The band refunded their fans’ ticket money for their planned tour with Alkaline Trio, but that hardly meant they were […]

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If there was a punk-rock hall of fame, Bad Religion would certainly belong in it. The long-running California punk outfit have maintained a positive agenda while creating some classic songs. But if the band drove up to the front door of said punk building, they’d probably look through the glass door, look at each other […]

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Since being founded in 1980 by Bad Religion guitarist/songwriter Brett Gurewitz, Epitaph Records has become synonymous with punk rock. Whether you’re a punk lifer or a casual fan of the Offspring’s Smash, Epitaph has had a big, loud effect on your life. Scan the spines in your vinyl collection. You’ll see their signature tombstone logo […]

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With a resume including stints in culturally defining outfits such as Minor Threat, Dag Nasty and Bad Religion, Brian Baker has his name etched into the veneer of punk-rock history. The guitarist has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. However, Baker is always up for a moment to hold a guitar and hang out with […]