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The esteemed big-indie label Jagjaguwar has spent all year celebrating its 25th anniversary with various projects, including ambitious and esoteric projects like Dilate Your Heart and This Is A Mindfulness Drill. Today, they’re releasing a covers compilation called Join The Ritual, which features some Jagjaguwar artists and friends covering bands that inspired label founder Darius Van Arman and partner Chris Swanson to get into the music business in the first place. We’ve heard Bruce Hornsby covering Dinosaur Jr. and Jamila Woods covering Tracy Chapman, and Join The Ritual also includes Angel Olsen taking on Smog, S. Carey covering Low, Nap Eyes doing Built To Spill, plus contributions from the Besnard Lakes, Cut Worms, Okay Kaya, and more. Check it out below.

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Built To Spill could have stopped after the ’90s and still been legends. When the decade ended, Boise’s finest indie rock export had dropped three straight masterpieces: 1994’s starry-eyed indie-pop milestone There’s Nothing Wrong With Love, 1997’s spaced-out prog-pop behemoth Perfect From Now On, and 1999’s spectacularly catchy guitar-hero epic Keep It Like A Secret. Few bands have ever mustered such an unimpeachable run. Doug Martsch’s genius was confirmed, his status as an indie rock guitar hero cemented. There was nothing left to prove.

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When Built to Spill took a hiatus in 2002, singer Doug Martsch decided to meet up with pals in the Boise area for some loose jam sessions. What came from that? Another project, of course. That group, Boise Cover Band, knocked out seven breezy, folk-infused covers for an album that was titled Unoriginal Artists, which was recorded the…

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Built To Spill were aiming to release their Daniel Johnston tribute album — fittingly titled Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston — at the top of May. It’s been pushed back to 6/12, but in the meantime, they’ve got another advance track out today to go along with “Bloody Rainbow” and “Life […]