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We are all a little emo in high school. Really, how could you not be? Being a teenager is a turbulent time at best, marked by a slew of new experiences and emotional challenges. And if you hit that point during the 2000s, the alternative music trends of the time likely didn’t help. Of course, […]

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Tell someone you’re a blink-182 fan and they’ll no doubt say they like them too. Juggernaut singles such as “All The Small Things” and “I Miss You” made blink a household name, but with nine albums and an array of EPs and singles under their belts, they have so much more to offer. We all […]

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[Photo by: Loote/Alex K. Justice, Travis Barker/Jeremy Deputat] Synth-pop duo Loote take you on a creepy and twisted carnival adventure in their brand-new music video “Sex With My Ex,” which they are exclusively premiering with AltPress.  Loote, comprising Jackson Foote and Emma Lov, teamed up with blink-182’s Travis Barker and L.A.-based production trio Captain Cuts […]