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If you looked at Twitter at any point this past weekend and saw the words “Car Seat Headrest” and “Bob Saget” mentioned together, there’s a very good chance that you were confused. It’s pretty confusing. This whole thing led to Bob Saget, the stand-up comic and Full House/Fuller House star, blocking a bunch of Car Seat Headrest fans on Twitter and then apologizing for blocking them. Along the way, Saget also became a trending topic. There’s a whole backstory here, though Saget himself presumably didn’t know the backstory when he started blocking people.

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Car Seat Headrest are dropping not one but two digital-only EPs today – MADLO: Influences and MADLO: Remixes. The former consists of four covers of songs the band has cited as influences of their last full-length LP Making a Door Less Open, released last month. They include songs by David Bowie, The Who, Nine Inch

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Last year, Car Seat Headrest released the underrated Making A Door Less Open. Today, Will Toledo has put out two new EPs attached to the album, one called MADLO: Influences and the other MADLO: Remixes.

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Philly musician explains how Car Seat Headrest, Gregg Araki and Girlfriends got him through this year For more, check out: (Source)

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I started Stereogum in 2002 with a LiveJournal and a dream (to get free CDs). Seriously though, I started this site to discuss new music with strangers on the internet. Without all of you who comment thoughtfully on our features, send us hot tips, and aggressively point out our typos, this would be a really…

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You’ve seen the memes. It’s only been five months and 2020 has already been a historical shitshow of a year. Thousands and thousands died while the rest of us slowly lost our minds in lockdown. And then, just as things finally seemed to be returning to some shattered semblance of normalcy, cities all over the […]

After spending his teenage years woodshedding on Bandcamp, Will Toledo and his DIY-project-turned-band Car Seat Headrest arrived in the middle of last decade with the one-two shot of 2015’s Teens Of Style (a rerecording of selections from his DIY days) and 2016’s instant classic Teens Of Denial, both released by the indie institution Matador Records. […]