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It looks like Ted Cruz isn’t up to date on his true crime podcasts or Charles Manson facts. During day three of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing, Cruz decided to use the famed cult leader as an example of prison voting. However, it turns out that Cruz didn’t actually know Manson was dead until later […]

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Fall is officially upon us, and that means it’s time to prepare for the spookiest holiday of the year. With Halloween comes an uptick in horror movie releases and consumption. With so many films on the market, studios have to think outside the box for ways to keep audiences scared. One way to do this […]

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Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans has added a few new items to his ever-growing collection of creepy objects. Now, Bagans has obtained multiple paintings and letters serial killer John Wayne Gacy created while in prison. The most interesting piece in Bagans’ recent haul, however, is a self-portrait of Gacy dressed as a clown. Read more: […]

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Take a random sampling of horror movie fans, ask them what their No. 1 complaint about the genre is and odds are they’ll all answer: too many remakes. As Hollywood continues to strip mine the past for profit, horrorphiles are left asking, “Where has all the originality gone?” Fear not: It’s not all bad news […]

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Streaming numbers have surged because people have been spending more time at home. Many are bingeing their way through shows they’ve already watched or are consumed with the ridiculous Tiger King series. Why not break away from that and learn something about music instead? Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime have plenty of documentaries offering information […]