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A new wave of punk has taken the world and internet by storm. Recently, there has been a spike in movies about the feminist punk movement, and TikTok users have repopularized bands such as Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex. In 2021, the history and legacy of riot grrrl appears across all social media platforms as […]

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When searching a bookstore for music memoirs, it’s likely that the shelves are packed with men such as Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash and Keith Richards. While it may seem that there are fewer books written by or about women musicians, they are growing in numbers. Women in the music industry refuse to be silenced, and, […]

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With Women’s History Month coming to a close today, it’s vital to carry these messages of intersectional feminism and empowerment throughout every day to come. These musicians aren’t only wonderful leaders in the music industry spanning over decades—they’re using their platform to spread messages of self-love and growth as well as sharing stories of hardship […]

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Hear the haunting take on the Eurythmics classic. Continue reading…

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A group of legendary artists including Rage Against the Machine‘s Tom Morello, Foo Fighters‘ Rami Jaffee and The Go-Go‘s Kathy Valentine joined Girl with a Guitar, a group of young female guitarists from Kabul, Afghanistan to cover Eurythmics’ 1983 hit “Sweet Dreams.” Guitarist Vicki Peterson of The Bangles, singer Cherie Currie

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With bands such as Lacuna Coil and Nightwish fronting the charge for the ladies in a scene largely dominated by men, there’s no need for the term “female-fronted metal” in 2020. The women powering the metal realm without a microphone in their hands deserve credit for shattering the glass ceiling. In the spirit of celebrating […]

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Musicians are just like us—they also do strange things when boredom takes over. While many artists talk about their love of making TikTok dances or binge-watching Netflix, a few rock stars prefer hobbies that are a little more unusual.  We thought it’d be fun to find 10 musicians who have interesting hobbies, from beekeeping to collecting […]

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[Photos by: Korn/Joe Banker, Joan Jett/Jessie Terwillige, Black Sabbath/Spotify, Nine Inch Nails] While everyone is self-isolating, we’re all looking for ways to fill our time. Why not spend it digging into some of the classic bands you’ve always been meaning to learn about but haven’t been able to? With the amount of spare time everyone […]