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We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc.

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Christina Aguilera, Dua Lipa, Kim Gordon and more artists participate in #YourVoiceYourVote campaign For more, check out: (Source)

Has there ever been an album more universally loved than Disneymania? Ever since we first heard Aaron Carter and Christina Aguilera, among other famous artists, covering our favorite classics circa 2002, we haven’t been able to get enough of Disney song remakes. Unsurprisingly, given the longstanding affiliation between Disney and Hot Topic, alternative spins of […]

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[Photos via YouTube] The blink-182 story isn’t about the accomplishments and accolades. Yes, the trio probably like playing in front of sold-out stadiums. We’re sure cashing checks with that many zeroes is fun. But to know blink-182, you have to watch their music videos. Few bands boast a collection that tickles the teenage funny bone […]