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Add this to the list of 2000s problems: song titles so long that your Myspace music player cut them off. Seriously, how could it disrespect your favorite tracks like that? Trivial frustrations aside, novel-length titles were a pretty defining characteristic of 2000s alternative music… Even if their general misalignment with actual lyrical content made them incredibly […]

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celebrities musicians who died in 2020

Each year comes with loss and change. 2020, in particular, has been one with an overwhelming amount of grief. It’s hard to know what to say when you lose people you admire, whether you know them personally or were inspired by the art they created. Hold the people you care about close and thank them. […]

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Alesana The Killers Coheed and Cambria Manchester Orchestra Andy Hull Concept Albums Series Alternative Multi-album narratives

Is there anything better than a good concept album? How about a concept series? These multi-album narratives are few and far between. After all, they require an immense amount of thought and dedication. But we’d argue that the outcome has to be worth it. Read more: See how Black Veil Brides’ concept album came to life […]

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Avenged Sevenfold VersaEmerge Something Corporate Saosin Long Scene Songs

Remember the days when an eight-minute song felt like a gift sent by the alt-rock gods? Back when we had to buy music by the track, and not through a monthly subscription, these long ones were like a gold mine.  Of course, times have changed since our iPod-centric scene years. Now, we’ve got the bulk […]

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'The excitement never fades when I get to take this step with any of my creations,' says Claudio Sanchez. Continue reading…

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from under the cork tree lullabies

If you’re a punk who just so happens to struggle with bouts of insomnia, look no further than Sparrow Sleeps, who famously turn emo tracks into lullabies. Alternative Press is proud to premiere their latest project, From Under The Stork Tree, an album of soft covers from Fall Out Boy‘s sophomore record to literally rock […]

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There was a time when the “supergroup” was super obvious. When the world saw legendary axman Ted Nugent making his guitar squeal with the guy from Night Ranger to his right and a guy from Styx to his left, we all knew there was something special afoot. (Classic-rock lovers will recognize this ’80s band to […]

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Sparrow Sleeps have delivered a tranquil translation. Continue reading…

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In the ’80s, there were plenty of great recordings that came out of the nascent new-wave and punk scenes. But one of the single greatest documents of the period was actually a movie. Urgh! A Music War was the 1981 concert film that featured 36 bands from the U.S. and U.K. playing live. The film […]

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Side projects have the special ability to give artists the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose without snobby genre lords or the (sometimes self-imposed) shackles of their previous works confining their sonic decisions. Sometimes these new bands go in an intentionally more mainstream direction, while other times the word “commercial” is never […]

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