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3 new spider man movies confirmed

A new interview reveals that three more Spider-Man movies are on the way. Tom Holland will also be reprising his role as our friendly neighborhood web-crawler. The reveal comes courtesy of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s producer, Amy Pascal. In a conversation with Fandango, Pascal confirmed that we should expect three more films in the universe we’ve […]

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The soundtrack also boasts tracks from Denzel Curry, Manchester Orchestra, IDLES, Chelsea Wolfe, HEALTH, and more.
Mastodon Unleash New Song “Forged by Neron” from Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack: Stream
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ice nine kills jason voorhees

Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas is a serious horror movie obsessive. The singer fell in love with fright movies at an early age. Over the years, he’s become well-versed in the classics and the deep cuts alike. As a result, INK draws major influences from the genre. The band is immersed in the gruesome […]

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ASHNIKKO Digital Cover AltPress DEMIDEVIL Alternative Press

There are plenty of adjectives that Ashnikko admittedly avoids when describing her music. It’s not quiet. It’s not soft. And it’s never really been sweet, but she’s working on the vulnerability stuff.  On a personal level, too, it’s almost easier to understand 24-year-old Ashton Nicole Casey by examining how she doesn’t describe herself. She’s not […]

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Would Billy Zane have been in Ben Stiller’s Zoolander if his The Phantom launched the superhero franchise it should have? Would Schmidt of the hit comedy New Girl have lampooned Zane’s celebrity status by declaring himself a “Zaniac” in one memorable episode of the sitcom if Zane’s interpretation of one of the world’s first great […]

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You know the old saying: “With great television comes great source material.” Or something like that. Fact is, comic books and graphic novels have proven to be incredible source material for TV, especially in recent years. From producer Greg Berlanti’s reign of heroism on The CW (everything from The Flash to Riverdale) to the runaway […]

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[Photo by: Jen Rosenstein] It’s been a less than a year since the third volume of The Umbrella Academy comic wrapped up but Gerard Way says in a new Instagram post that he’s working away at the fourth volume right now. In the post, he details more information about the potential comic idea he has tying in with the Quarantine […]

[Photo via Netflix] Netflix‘s The Umbrella Academy has become a smash hit since its debut and now we’re getting our first look at a book reflecting the transition from Gerard Way‘s comic series to coming to the streaming service. In an exclusive with Screen Rant, a handful of pages from the upcoming release are on display showing behind the […]

[Photo via YouTube] We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the second season of The Umbrella Academy and while we’ve been getting small updates frequently over the past while, we’re getting another good sign from star Justin Min. In a new post, Min says he’s recording updated audio for the show from his closet at home with some help […]