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The music industry is ever changing and rapidly evolving. Quite often, artists seek professional help in promoting their latest career move. To gain insights into how exactly the new breed of public relations specialists are working on behalf of their artist-clients, we spoke with several leading music publicists—Mike Gowen (CEO/Founder of Milestone Publicity), Alexandra Greenberg (CEO/Founder of Falcon Publicity), Jay Jones (Senior Vice President of Publicity, BBR Music Group), and Susan Hamilton (Director of Communications, Sideways, Inc.)—to discuss the new era of public relations. Read on to get an insider’s perspective on what has changed and what remains the same in […]

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VP Client Relations and Studio Marketing, UMG Years with Company: 30 Address: 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90266 Phone: 213-361-9514 Web: Email: [email protected] BACKGROUND When she was nine, Paula Salvatore implored her father to buy her a piano. But after he yielded up a sewing machine instead, she spent some time as a seamstress. After two years in Boston, she came to L.A. and worked for a time in clothing design for musicians, but was drawn back inexorably to music. Salvatore started at Kendun Recorders after she made a call and talked her way into the job. Mentored […]

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The PreSonus PD-70 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is specifically designed to capture speech audio anywhere—even out on the beach using only a laptop and USB interface. The cardioid pickup pattern lessens unwanted background noise while focusing on capturing narration voices for podcasts or radio broadcasts. I liked the all-metal PD-70, an end address dynamic mic with an integrated foam windscreen, gold-pinned XLR output connector, and a simple and clean mechanical design that looked great sitting on my desktop. You can thread the mount onto a standard mic desk stand or boom and it works with any mic preamp. I found the […]

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Since her first breakout chart successes in the mid-‘80s, songwriter Diane Warren has sustained an extraordinarily enduring career, penning colossal chart hits and contributing signature songs to epic Hollywood films. Pop, country, R&B, Latin, and cinema: across a historic span of decades, genres, and mediums, the indelible songs of Diane Warren remain remarkably present.  The sole owner of Realsongs, a hugely successful publishing company that occupies a historic building in Hollywood, she still maintains her legendarily cluttered writing room nearby, dubbed “The Cave.” This shambolic enclave gives title to her first-ever studio album, The Cave Sessions Vol. 1, from Di-Namic […]

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In a world where money keeps our bills paid and our bellies full, it’s always smart to have as many ways as possible to expand your revenue streams and generate income. In this chapter from their recently released book Introduction to Music Publishing for Musicians, Borg & Eames show you 38 different ways to monetize one of your songs. They range from the obvious to the obscure. Not all of these ideas will be right for you or your target audience, but you’ll certainly find a few that spark your imagination. So let’s get to it.  Package/Release Strategies Package/release strategies […]

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For more, check out (Source) 35 Years of Sound Innovation: Founded in 1986 by a visionary film industry audio engineer who couldn’t find monitors that gave him the clarity and accuracy he needed, KRK Systems––a longtime member of the Gibson Family of Brands––is today still driven by the same philosophy and understanding: “Great sound doesn’t necessarily start with the studio, the latest gear or the latest software. It starts with the heart, and it starts with the truth.” The company has set the music industry standard since launching its flagship Expose studio monitor series in 1996. Top engineers were attracted to the monitors’ amazing […]

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Having engineered at some of the top music studios in New York City, New Jersey, Miami, and Atlanta, and currently the head of Artist Development, Sync Manager, and lead A&R at Water Music Publishing—Frank Demilt has a 360 vision of what it takes to get your recording up to the level it needs to be for a successful commercial release. Demilt’s insights and advice on Mixing and Mastering in the following presentation is taken from his new book The Blueprint: The Bible For Becoming a Successful Performing Artist in the Digital Age (Amazon). The Mixing Process There are two options […]

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For too many artists, the COVID era has resulted in stagnancy. Scrapped tours, delayed album releases, tabled plans. Musicians are not exempt among victims of the pandemic, which has stuck so many of them in a holding pattern. Not so with 21-year-old Pennsylvania newcomer Gabby Barrett, who released her debut album, Goldmine, in June 2020 and watched its lead single, “I Hope,” go platinum five times thereafter. After finishing third on American Idol in 2018, the singer-songwriter locked in on her career––signing with Warner Music Nashville the following year––and her personal life, marrying fellow Idol contestant Cade Foehner in October […]

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Smooth Operator is an intelligent signal balancer capable of creative effects, tone shaping and effective problem solving. It uses a combination of spectral compression, equalization and resonance suppression in an easy-to-use and understand interface with few controls. At first look, the resizable GUI appears as a four-band equalizer—its initialized setup has a straight flat line ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz with five click/drag nodes. There are fixed nodes at the 20Hz and 20kHz extremes that only the Gain is adjustable. The larger middle Master node can be moved horizontally (frequency) and retains the relative distance of the nodes on either […]

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What follows are 14 tips to help you improve your pitching game. Bobby Borg and Michael Eames, co-authors of the new book Introduction to Music Publishing for Musicians, discuss everything from making sure your music is really ready to pitch, to having an attorney available who can help. There are a lot of tips to take in, so grab that yellow highlighter pen, and let’s get to work. 1: Make Sure Your Music is Really Ready to Pitch Before sending out your music to all those amazing places, it’s crucial that you make sure your songs are truly ready to […]

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