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When it initially blasted into the world from New York’s Lower East Side almost concurrently with punk in 1977, it was dubbed no wave. Village Voice critic Robert Christgau referred to it as “skronk,” an onomatopoeia based around the general guitar sound. He uncharitably dubbed its ’80s practitioners “pigfucker” bands. This writer’s personal name for […]

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When pub-rock singer Joe Strummer of the 101ers first met with former London SS guitarist Mick Jones in 1976 to brainstorm material for a new band eventually named the Clash, Strummer was shown one of his songs, “I’m So Bored With You.” He wasn’t having it: “‘Ere, let’s rewrite this now!” The rather wimpy romantic […]

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  Seminal avant-punk collective CRASS has revealed a new video for “Sheep Farming 3,” a previously unreleased track available on the Best Before 1984 (Crassical Collection) reissue, out October 30 in North America via One […] For more, go to: (Source)

“Roxy (Unfuck the World)” remix will appear on 12-inch vinyl single, with proceeds going to charity For more, check out: (Source)