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conquer divide architect metalcore music videos

From animated high-speed chases to fiery explosions on LED panels to straightforward clips of musicians pouring their hearts out, there are so many different directions a metalcore band can take when crafting the perfect music video. Artists are tasked with determining which visual effects will best enhance the story being told in the song.  Over […]

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afterlife burn it down video

Metalcore group Afterlife are redefining the genre with the release of their new single “Burn It Down.” The four-piece took the lyrics of their new song “Burn It Down” literally in the fire-filled video for the track. In the video, vocalist Tyler Levenson pours tanks of gasoline on the ground before lighting a match to […]

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They are horror’s sole survivors—the women who take on deadly monsters, masked killers and terrifying aliens on their own terms. From Halloween’s Laurie Strode to Scream’s Sidney Prescott, the final girl has been a staple of horror movies since the early 1970s.  An alternately empowering and problematic character, the final girl, as defined by author […]

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If you’re a Friday The 13th fan, you may want to cancel any plans you had for Halloween 2020 because there’s a new opportunity you won’t want to miss. Now, fans of the franchise can tour the actual Camp Crystal Lake from the 1980 slasher film this fall. Read more: Industry misogyny led to Evanescence making […]

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In modern metalcore, the generic breakdown as we know it seems to be close to extinction. But the way you recognize a good one remains unchanged—it’s when you sense the ultimate release of anticipation approaching, yet it still catches you by surprise. Hold your breath and get ready to headbang to some of the best […]

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