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Disney star Skai Jackson used her latest performance on Dancing With The Stars to honor late actor Cameron Boyce. Jackson’s emotional foxtrot to John Legend‘s “Ordinary People” earned the first 10 of the season. Read more: An iconic ‘Danger Days’ item returns in Gerard Way’s new ‘Killjoys’ cover Boyce, who had epilepsy, tragically passed away […]

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Tiger King star Carole Baskin is heading back to television for Dancing With The Stars. However, the family of Don Lewis, her missing ex-husband, plan to remind everyone about her alleged involvement in his disappearance. The Lewis family have purchased commercial time and plan to air an ad regarding Lewis’ disappearance during Baskin’s Dancing With […]

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Curtis Waters is cheesing in a tuxedo. He’s fanning himself with money, and then he’s perched atop a cloud, making it rain. He thrusts his pelvis, flails with the grace of a drunken reveler, does a couple skeet-skeet hand gestures, launches into awkward jump-spins and barely sticks the landing. For now his jewelry is limited…

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It’s hard to believe that Hayley Williams’ new album, Petals For Armor, will be her first solo effort. She’s been in spotlights of varying wattage since Paramore’s debut All We Know Is Falling came out 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old. Many of us grew up with the Mississippi-born, Nashville-bred artist, […]