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DB The General

In Rod Wave’s video for his single “Tombstone,” an adorable little kid sits by himself, watching TV. The kid’s father is passed out on the couch. His mother is at work. Later on, that kid sits through a tense dinner that turns dangerous when the father gets abusive. Then we see that same kid walking down a sunny sidewalk, lost in thought, oblivious to the police who have just pulled up behind him and pointed their guns. Later on, after this kid has been murdered, we learn that he was deaf. He couldn’t hear the cops’ instructions. As the video ends, we see the child’s father, in a white tunic, laying him down at a riverside, as CGI vines encircle him. Rod Wave himself doesn’t take part in this whole narrative. Instead, he stands alone, baleful, on a snowy hillside, talking about his own tribulations. As an emotionally manipulative gutpunch, this video is basically Dancer In The Dark, played out in three minutes. It exists to make you feel things. It worked on me.

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