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We understand your skepticism completely. Yoga is a discipline that strives for the physical and mental well-being of its practicioners. It is the complete antithesis of hard rock and heavy metal, a music and culture that readily embraces headbanging and moshing. However, this APTV clip suggests that some forward-thinking metal artists can be used for […]

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We tip our hats to the British rock-critic cabal of yesteryear. Or maybe just to the person who coined the term “shoegaze.” In a pejorative sense, the term derives from musicians too introverted or weary to participate in the more animated aspects of “rocking out.” In the utilitarian mode of the word, it reflects the […]

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[Photo by: Eric Antunes] Metal has always been an aggressive genre. However, over the past few years, people have discovered how many songs within the genre are suitable for yoga. Whether it’s droned-out doom metal, ambient black metal or progressive sounds kicking off a session, there are plenty of songs that are a perfect match […]