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You may have started the new year with some lofty wellness goals. But was working out alongside Ryan Key and Derek Sanders among them? Maybe it should have been… In a move straight from our wildest dreams, the Mayday Parade and Yellowcard frontmen have partnered with Cardio Sport to co-host and DJ a pop-punk-fueled, emo […]

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One of the most gratifying moments in the world is when we see an aggressive bully get some karmic retribution. Apparently Mayday Parade feel that way, as well. Today they’re releasing the video for “First Train,” a track from their new EP, Out Of Here. While the band perform, the focus is on actor J. […]

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Mayday Parade’s 2007 debut full-length A Lesson In Romantics is the textbook definition of “fan favorite.” When the Tallahassee, Florida, pop princes signed to Fearless Records, nobody knew what to expect. Especially the band. At the time, they had a bunch of new songs they thought they were going to record. But there were some […]

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We may be 13 years out from A Lesson In Romantics, but Jason Lancaster isn’t ready to let go of his studded belt any time soon.  The Mayday Parade and Go Radio vocalist is returning to his pop-punk roots with his upcoming solo EP, Say I’m What You Want, which is due for release Dec. […]

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Who among us hasn’t fantasized about living the rock star life? (Well, besides rappers.) Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a gig like that? The tears of the bright-eyed are the lubrication that keeps the rock ‘n’ roll machine pumping along. But what if a life of stardom could be gleaned from the stars themselves? In […]

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It looks like Mayday Parade have been taking advantage of their extra time while in quarantine. On Tuesday, the band debuted their latest cover of the Beatles‘ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” with a cleverly filmed socially-distant video. Alongside Mayday Parade, members of the Maine, We The Kings, Grayscale and Knuckle Puck also took […]

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The first decade of this century began in the wake of boy bands and nü metal, so no one truly knew which sounds and bands would break out this time around. Well, “the scene” became a widely used (and misused) phrase, and bands decided to become more egalitarian.  Read below for more on both points, […]

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[Photo via YouTube] This week, Knuckle Puck are giving fans another look into what they can expect from their forthcoming album 20/20. On June 18, the band released a music video for their new single “Breathe” which features Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade. “Breathe” is the third track to be released from 20/20. Knuckle Puck […]

[Photos via Kevin Lyman/Chad Sengstock, Talinda Bennington] Not even the coronavirus can stop Talinda Bennington and Kevin Lyman from doing good. The 320 Festival, a program designed to address aspects of mental health, goes live tomorrow morning online. Once the pandemic put a moratorium on live music performances and major gatherings, the widow of Linkin […]