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[Photo via YouTube] For those that are still quarantining at home, you may be finding yourself running out of things to binge-watch on streaming services. Lucky for you, Amazon Prime has a long list of titles heading to its service in June. Now, you’ll be able to watch even more new television shows and movies […]

[Photo via Warner Bros.] If you’ve already binged your way through all of the shows you’ve had on your watch list, you’re in luck as Hulu is revealing all of the new content coming to their service in June. The streaming service is adding plenty of new shows and movies including Dirty Dancing, I Am Legend, The X-Files movie, Grown Ups and plenty […]

Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree is the gift that keeps on giving. The pop-punk icons’ unforgettable 2005 output is jam-packed with Easter eggs we either didn’t notice before or completely forgot in the years since. From movie quotes and emo cameos to its unusual artwork, there’s a detail hiding in every corner. […]