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dr. martens

At this point, Dr. Martens—Docs, DMs, whatever you want to call them—have been around for 74 years. And, for almost all of that time, in one way or another, they’ve been inextricably entwined with alternative music—and, of course, the subcultures which that music has spawned. Transcending their origins as factory-safe work boots, over the course […]

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Summer is that special time of year where days are longer, the sun is brighter and the sound of ice cream trucks can be heard cruising through every suburban neighborhood along with the giggling of children as their feet pitter-patter on the sun-kissed pavement, racing to get their favorite treats. Lightning bugs illuminate the hot […]

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From the mid-2000s to present day, scene trends have come and gone. Some, such as piercings, tattoos, skinny jeans and beanies, have proven to be timeless classics.  Other trends, however, have been given new life, such as transferring the love of Invader Zim to the Adult Swim hit animation Rick & Morty. Regardless, certain styles […]