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Imagine yourself singing along to one of your favorite songs, belting out every word at the top of your lungs like you have so many times before when you stumble over a line you don’t remember mixing up before. Maybe you sing “and” instead of “but” or change out a line altogether. Regardless, it leaves […]

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It’s no secret that over the past 5 years or so, reboots have dominated the film and TV world. Hollywood apparently learned a few years ago that reboots make a lot of money, so since then, it seems like nothing is off the table to be remade in the modern age.  While some of the reboots […]

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[Photo via YouTube] It’s been nearly 18 years since Nickelodeon‘s The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes went off the air. However, some of the show’s sketches and characters have stood the test of time including the “Totally Kyle” sketch which starred Drake Bell. Now, thanks to TikTok, Bell has brought back the iconic 2000s character. […]

[Photos via YouTube] Comedians and sketch writers create jokes, scenes and stories from current events, pop culture and even mundane daily tasks. In recent years, sketch comedy has blown up, making its creators rock stars in the comedy world. Many of these performers use their platform to poke fun at a myriad of genres and […]