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Film/TV folks should check out Aussie foursome Cub Sport, who are working at a high level to deliver rich, well-produced recordings that capture a consistent vision, one that envelopes the listener in a world of dreamy reverb that exudes an appropriate warmth and sincerity along with a pinch of melancholy. The song’s vocals are awesome on the soul-baring “Be Your Man,” where the singer confesses “Sometimes my truth feels like a lie.” The singer is even more touching on “My Dear” conveying a convincing vulnerability. The lead vocals shift to a childlike tone on “Drive” and again results in music […]

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It looks like Halsey is making her return to Badlands. Her debut album celebrates its 5-year anniversary on Aug. 28 and the singer clearly plans to celebrate. Over the past week, Halsey has been teasing a Badlands celebrations with cryptic clues and the reactivation of the Badlands website. Read more: Hear Travis Mills-fronted girlfriends’ pop-punk […]

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