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Thrice 'Horizons/East' interview

Thrice have released their 11th studio album, Horizons/East. Ahead of the record, vocalist Dustin Kensrue connected with Alternative Press to offer a preview of the project. We profiled the record as part of our regular Album Anatomy feature in AltPress’ print magazine. Now, we’re bringing the full conversation, which dives even deeper into the inspiration […]

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Thrice 'Horizons/East' Album Anatomy

With their eleventh album Horizons/East, Thrice continue to push themselves to new levels of artistry and expressiveness. The new record incorporates musical techniques from jazz and other styles alongside a wide array of deliberate experiments. However, the innovative approach never overshadows a basic goal: creating meaningful and sonically appealing music. Ahead of the new record, we […]

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The singer discusses breaking down barriers through music and open minds. Continue reading…

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thrice scavengers horizons/east

Thrice have announced their 11th studio album, Horizons/East. The album is set to drop via Epitaph Records Sept. 17. The new release was self-produced and recorded by the band—Dustin Kensrue (vocals/guitar), Teppei Teranishi (guitar), Eddie Breckenridge (bass) and Riley Breckenridge (drums)—in their New Grass Studio. The mixing was done by Scott Evans. The announcement comes […]

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The Venn diagram comprising many punk and metal offshoots got pretty messy in the 2000s. Post-hardcore crews were regularly lumped in with metalcore, screamo, emo and a plethora of hybrid acts, often sounding comparable and touring together. The biggest of those spectacles was something called Warped Tour.  Yet, there’s no doubting their sway. These subgenres […]

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Post-hardcore is especially rich in concept albums. Perhaps that’s because the immense vocal palette—from tender crooning to raw screaming—lends itself to expressing emotions. The music similarly matches. Sure, metalcore can deliver crushing breakdowns, but it rarely gets as intimate as this companion genre. There’s also the fact that the high-pitched singing elicits desperation so often […]

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Who among us hasn’t fantasized about living the rock star life? (Well, besides rappers.) Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a gig like that? The tears of the bright-eyed are the lubrication that keeps the rock ‘n’ roll machine pumping along. But what if a life of stardom could be gleaned from the stars themselves? In […]

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The first decade of this century began in the wake of boy bands and nü metal, so no one truly knew which sounds and bands would break out this time around. Well, “the scene” became a widely used (and misused) phrase, and bands decided to become more egalitarian.  Read below for more on both points, […]

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When the new millennium broke, the alternative music community was heavily saturated with popular genres such as punk, pop punk and emo. Lying dormant, a new alternative music sound and scene was awaiting its time to shine. In 2002, it absolutely exploded. It was virtually impossible to go a day without hearing Simple Plan’s latest […]