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Whether your favorite artist jumped from the stage to the screen or starred in a film and then picked up a microphone, these essential actors proved that they are just as talented in front of the camera as they are in front of an audience. Check out our favorites below. Read more: 10 debut records […]

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aidan bissett communication video

Indie-rocker Aidan Bissett wants people to start talking to each other again in his new song “Communication,” exclusively premiering with Alternative Press.  While both the song and video are breezy and light-hearted, the underlying message is much deeper. After dealing with the pandemic for over a year, the way people interact with each other has […]

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Actor Dylan Minnette is known for two things. The first is his portrayal of Clay Jensen, the heroic but flawed high school teen in the acclaimed Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why. The other is his participation in the alt-rock band Wallows. The trio’s effected-guitar sounds range from languid to melancholy, bringing a new consciousness toward […]

[Photo via YouTube] Last week, Netflix released a first look behind-the-scenes of 13 Reasons Why‘s final season. Featuring actors shooting their final scenes and saying goodbye to one another on set, the inside look into the hit series was emotional for many fans. Now, Netflix has released the official trailer for 13 Reasons Why‘s final […]

[Photo via 20th Television] Readers beware, you’re in for a scare. Many of us grew up with R.L. Stine’s famous Goosebumps books and TV episodes. Frankly, the ’90s wouldn’t have been the same without these spooky Friday night shows that shaped us all up to have some pretty irrational fears.  For nostalgic, cheesy horror fans, […]